Witchy Wednesdays: A Discovery of Witches – Episode 7 review



This episode opens without a voiceover from Matthew.

This is the episode I have been waiting for! The Bishop House!! My favorite part of the book is when everyone is in Madison. I’m just sad that it only takes place over two episodes.

I love, love, love the look of the house and all the little details in the background. It feels homey. Even on Sarah’s car they kept the witchy bumper stickers.

The scene with Diana confronting her aunts about being Spellbound was dramatically heartbreaking. I like the addition of the house telling the story with projections of the past. Rebecca mentioning the ribbons of many colors was a nice plant for Diana’s weaver cords.
Poor Rebecca and Stephen, saying goodbye and knowing they would never return.

I really loved the touching scene with Sarah and Em when Sarah is upset and sad to learn that Diana was Spellbound without her knowing or realizing. Em comforting her was so sweet. I was reminded of when Alex Kingston and Valarie Pettiford were talking about the show at SDCC. They have great chemistry and their relationship is just so organic. It’s one of my favorite things about the show.

Besides the chemistry between Sarah and Em I love it between all the characters at the Bishop House. Sarah and Matthew fighting, Sarah taking out her grimoire and teaching Diana magic, Matthew and Em talking about Timewalking. They even kept the little detail of Marcus meeting Sarah’s ancestor and namesake at Bunker Hill.

Why did the envelope with the page from the Book of Life come out of the wall and not the fireplace? It’s not a big deal I was just like, “Oh!”But this is a good example of how much detail was lost in the adaptation. Sarah says she will test the page in her Still Room but then they never reveal the results, or I should say the raising questions about the page when it was tested.

Peter Knox looks like hell! They did a good job of making him look like he’s losing it! The nightmares, the sweating and disheveled hair. He needs a vacation from all this Congregation drama!

Is it bad that I like Domenico, even though his loyalties are flexible? I also get the sense that he like likes Juliette. I think he cares more about her gaining her freedom, but also wants to kill two birds with one stone and have her go after Matthew and Diana.

Gerbert has some NERVE going to church. He LIED by throwing Juliette under the bus – in CHURCH! When is the last time he went to Confession?

Poor Juliette, finally breaks free from her creepy, abusive father and then dies.

Why didn’t Matthew smell or hear that Juliette was in the barn? Seems like something he would not have missed, even if he was focused on Diana’s “Jedi training”. I say Jedi training because she was keeping her eyes closed to sense where a vampire is.

So, so much happens in this episode! Everything is fast and condensed. I wish we had 2 more episodes at the Bishop House. But…

Only one more to go!

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