Sentinels, by Rich Bernatovech and Luciano Vecchio


Sentinels4 out 5 Soul Blades (Book 1: Footsteps; Book 2: Masks; Book 3: Echoes; Book 4: Hope)
Sentinels Anthology 4 out of 5 Flashbacks

Back in October I went to a pre-New York Comic-Con party and won a raffle! The prize was this collection of graphic novels. Rich Bernatovech was also kind enough to sign them for me when I turned in my prize voucher. We didn’t speak much because I didn’t have much to say since I was unfamiliar with his work. At the next NYCC I’ll check out his table.

I enjoyed the story. At first I wasn’t sure where it was going with what seemed to be stand-alone storylines. I quickly realized it was the set up to a bigger picutre that all comes together in the end for an engaging mythology. The characters were well rounded and their development and relationships were well done.

There was a well balanced mixture of humor, drama, dark themes, and page turning action.
I think Book 3: Echoes was my favorite. It was the darkest of the four and had adult themes. This is definitely a series for a mature reader.

I enjoyed the artistic style of Books 1-4. I only wish they were in color, but I know how expensive that would be to produce. I have since read that there are revised digital versions in color. That’s exciting!

It was nice to see the guest artists’ versions of the characters too.

The only styles that I really did not like were some of the flashbacks in Sentinels Anthology. Particularly: Templar, Serpenta, and Harlette. I found them to be sloppy and incomplete. Especially compared to the rest of clean and colorful artistry in Sentinels Anthology. I liked reading about the third generation. It was good to see how they are coping with being orphans and learning how to use their powers. Their interactions were not forced and exactly how you see kids behave.

I look forward to Volume 2 when the kids have grown up. I saw some artwork and it looks pretty cool. I’m not quite sure if it’s been released yet. I’ll have to find out.