Alight (The Generations Trilogy #2) by Scott Sigler


“If it’s war they want, they messed with the wrong girl.”

M. Savage—or Em, as she is called—has made a bewildering and ominous discovery. She and the other young people she was chosen to lead awoke in strange coffins with no memory of their names or their pasts. They faced an empty, unknown place of twisting tunnels and human bones. With only one another to depend on, they searched for answers and found the truth about their terrifying fate. Confronted by a monstrous enemy, they vowed never to surrender—and, by any means, to survive.

The planet Omeyocan may be the sanctuary Em and her comrades seek. But the planet for which they were created turns out not to be a pristine, virgin world. Vestiges of a lost civilization testify to a horrifying past that may yet repeat itself. And when a new enemy creeps from the jungle shadows, Em and her young refugees learn there’s nowhere left to run. They face a simple choice: fight or die.

In the midst of this desperate struggle, their unity is compromised from within—and a dangerous zealot devoted to a bloodthirsty god moves to usurp Em’s command, threatening to lead them all down a path to violent doom.

I mention major spoilers in my review.

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New York Comic Con 2016 – Sunday, October 9

First thing Sunday morning was get on the queue for Carrie Fisher’s autograph. She wouldn’t be there till about noon, but being there early is essential. Her line was capped before she arrived, and there were people from the queue the previous evening who didn’t get to meet her.

That meant we would be missing the panels for Audible Presents: That’s Not My Baby! When Narrators Attack: How a Story Survives the Transition from Text to Audio and NBC’s Timeless Screening and Q&A.

Maybe next year.

As my sister and I waited we got to admire Tom Mison, who was at the table next to Carrie’s. He was drinking tea and looked mighty fine in green.

When Carrie arrived and it was our turn, my sister went first.

As Carrie signed their photo together from yesterday Vic asked if she had any glitter. (We have yet to get glitter from her and saw people yesterday with some on their faces.)

Carrie said she ran out and all the stores were closed so she’ll have to think of something else.

Then Vic told her what she had been planing to say:

Vic: Leia should slap her punk son.
Carrie: She should do more than slap him. She should lock him in the closet.
Vic: I was trying to be nice.

When it was my turn I thought I would tell her how I am looking forward to seeing more of Leia be a badass General and hope she has more scenes with Mark, but I didn’t get that far. I just said how nice it was to see her again and how happy I am to have a photo with her and her dog, Gary.

She said everyone loves Gary and he’s the ultimate. I replied that he’s adorable.

She then also added his name when she autographed our photo. Then she asked for my sister’s photo back so that she could add Gary’s name to hers.

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