New York Comic Con 2014 – Thursday, October 9

This post has to start off with the total mess that happened back on June 26th when purchasing tickets for NYCC. In past years I could purchase my 4 day ticket when I got home in the evening, or even wait till the weekend. I think last year 4 day tickets sold out in 8 weeks. Well this year they had a Special Edition Comic-Con in June that was for comic books only. At this SE they gave attendees the opportunity to buy 4 day, and I think 3 day too, NYCC tickets before the general public. Also, they could buy up to 6 tickets. Christmas for scalpers, as evident buy the sale of tickets on various online sites for insane prices.

Well, I should have known better, because when it came time for the 4 day ticket sale to the general public, they sold out FAST. When I went on to buy them that evening – I was too late. For the 3 day ticket sale date, I made sure I was online, at the site, and refreshing until they went on sale at noon. After being in a virtual queue for 25 minutes I got through. First they asked a dumb questionnaire to make us more anxious and nauseous. They couldn’t save that for after the purchasing portion? After I answered whatever the survey asked I got to the page I wanted and it says 3 day tickets are sold out. UGH! So I buy the single day tickets. Then the page refreshed itself and 3 day was available. Phew. So, I got a 3 day for me and one for my sister. I also bought a Thursday ticket for myself.

They have to do something about this mess. Either don’t sell tickets for NYCC at Special Edition Comic-Con (which there will be another one in June) or limit to 2 per person. Not 6 for Pete’s sake. 

Thursday, October 9, 2014

This was the first time I decided to split a hotel room with some friends rather than commute back and forth each night and day. Saved me a lot of time and exhaustion. Why had I never done this before?

So after checking in and casually making our way to the Javits Center, I just roamed the exhibit hall. I didn’t have a panel to see till the evening so I just took my time. I picked up some free books, bought some books, took pictures of Hallmark ornaments. Bought some things from The Colorful Geek. I’ll show you some photos below.


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