My review of The Rise of Skywalker

Well … what did I think of this expensive fan fiction? It was way better than The Last Jedi. Still I like The Force Awakens a bit better. Only because the ending of The Rise of Skywalker was very long and drawn out. I was getting frustrated and looking at my watch. There were parts I enjoyed but there are some plot holes, in my opinion, and inconsistent aspects. I miss George Lucas. His films were consistent with each other. This Sequel Trilogy (I am calling it the Fan Fiction Trilogy) feels like a mish mosh of 3 different films. The makers should have sat down and planned it all out from the get go. Not each director/writer doing their own thing.  It truly feels like J.J. Abrams started his own movie, then Rian Johnson did his own thing completely off course, and then Abrams went back to finish his own story.

I am going to break this up into things I liked, things I disliked and things I hated it.



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American Pastoral Q&A with Ewan McGregor and Dakota Fanning



14657324_1140841945999378_42943891157088850_n.jpgSee first 6 minutes here.

Sorry that the video was cut off. I should have used a memory card with more space.
From what I could remember I made some notes about the rest of the Q&A.

There are spoilers below, so you have been warned. Go see the movie and then read my post.

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