Witchy Wednesdays: A Discovery of Witches – Episode 6 review



The episode starts right where the last ended. The special effects with Satu and Diana flying look a bit – odd. Flying is a difficult effect to achieve.

Satu torturing Diana is hard to watch, especially the opening spell. Because we get so little from Satu in the books it’s hard to read her. Does she truly want to help Diana understand her magic?

I liked Satu’s drum. I want to know the significance of it in her magic.

Speaking of which, Em’s field of magic is interesting. The smoke that rose up looked like a crucifixion.

Matthew waking up in his boxer briefs was some nice fan service. There needs to be something to break up such heavy scenes.

In the show Matthew is more like Baldwin was in the books, keeping his head on straight to really think about where to find Diana.

Does Gerbert really need to bring that head with him everywhere? She says the same things over and over anyway. And how exactly does he keep just her head alive/preserved? Black magic?

I was a little confused by the scene with Satu and Meridiana. Did Satu temporarily get her powers back from Meridiana to escape? I was kind of shocked that it was revealed that Satu is a Weaver so soon. But I guess they are introducing the term for Season 2.

I can’t fully hate Satu in the show. I really liked the act of kindness she showed Meridiana when she released her.

I was a little sad that the scene when Diana is in the oubliette wasn’t more liked the books, but I get why it wasn’t. I did miss the ghosts though, especially the monk who would cross himself every time Rebecca mentioned witchcraft.

From here on out everything happens really fast in the episodes. (Diana’s rescue and recovery all happen in this episode. I love that they kept Matthew’s name for Diana, “Ma lionne.”) The details are condensed for time. A good amount of the earlier episodes were spent on developing the relationships and the world building. I am looking forward to next season having more episodes.

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