Witchy Wednesdays: A Discovery of Witches – Episode 4 review


In the words of River Song, 


Isn’t France beautiful? I love the scenery and I love Sept-Tours. I especially loved it when Diana and Matthew were horseback riding. You could see Sept-Tours in the background.

The horseback riding scene was so similar to the book but I really thought that Diana would tell Rakasa to fly. Still, I am glad they kept it because it’s a good date/bonding moment for Diana and Matthew. I totally agree with omitting the Yoga dates they went on, but the horseback riding would have been a shame to lose.

What I love best about being at Sept-Tours is that Matthew is more relaxed. Not just dressed more casually but he is less rigid. Also, Diana is wearing her hair different. It’s not worn in loser waves and in a pony tail or braid. She’s wearing it down and it’s more softer and more sensual.

The woman playing Diana’s mother Rebecca, Sophia Myles, looks like Kate Winslet.

I liked the way Matthew said “Merde!” when he figured out Rebecca and Stephen’s murders were a cover up.

We finally meet Ysabeau de Clermont and Marthe.
I think Sorcha Cusack is perfect for Marte. It’s funny, my sister told me she pictures our late great-grandma as Marte when she reads the books. Which is sweet.

While Lindsay Duncan is older than the Ysabeau described in the books, she captures her elegance, her demeanor and her power. I liked the way she watched Diana like a hawk.

Speaking of power, I love Agatha Wilson. I love that she has been trying to up the woman count on the Congregation. I also like her political maneuvering to protect Nat and Sophie.

This was the first time I noticed the magical barrier special effect when they go to the scenes for the Congregation. I liked when the members joined their keys to open the door.

It was really smart the way they included their POV. We get to know the history of the Congregation and the Covenant.

Knox is a real mean asshole for abusing Satu. No wonder she turns against you.

Back to book to screen moments – The Tango! That was sexy. I understand that with budget constraints Diana glows and does not fly. Same with the witch water. You would need Disney’s money to have Diana display that type of magic with water. I was just a little sad Ysabeau did not sing to her.

I always felt that Diana was weaving her first spell when she tells Matthew, “We are bound together.” There was no way out for either one of them after that.

Whooooaaa, we’re half way there! Episode 5 next week.

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