London Day 2 – Saturday, August 16, 2014

Itinerary: The London Eye, The Crucible, and dinner with Lee Pace, Anna Friel, and David Thewlis!

This was a very exciting, unforgettable day.

We got a late start (11am) so we skipped the Banqueting House (saved it for another day) and went to the London Eye.

Daniela has a fear of heights, therefore ferris wheels are not ideal. I have a lesser fear of heights. I do fine if the space is enclosed. An open ferris wheel, like the ones they have at small fairs, is a definite no for me.

Daniela thought to go to the London Aquarium instead, but it was about £25, I think, and an hour and half wait. After seeing that the pods were enclosed and that the wheel kept moving she decided to come on with us. She was fine on the ride. She sat on the middle bench and looked across the skyline. Though she did say that the people next to her were coming up with theories of how the wheel can malfunction. Not something one wants to hear when they have a fear of falling from great heights.

Our late start meant we had to do the fast pass, about a 20 minute wait, versus the regular pass, which had a time slot for the queue at 1:30. The Crucible started at 2:30.

We were in the Lilian Baylis Circle of the Old Vic Theatre. It’s the third mezzanine up. We were warned when we bought the tickets that the rail would be in our eye line, but our view was not blocked. Victoria and I even brought binoculars with us.

I loved The Crucible. It was three hours, with an intermission, but I was entranced the whole time. I especially could not take my eyes off of Richard Armitage.

My friends Stefan and Daniela did fall asleep. Stefan said the incense made him sleepy. That was added for effect since people were burned in Salem. Also, it was our second day in London so there was the jet lag too. We didn’t think about that when we bought the tickets in advance.

The play was intense, but there were some moments of humor to break up the seriousness. Every actor was outstanding and I cannot imagine how they kept their voices night after night. Especially Richard.

Richard was just brilliant as John Proctor. John is a flawed man and while he is not angel, he does feel guilty and wants to atone for his sin.

There is a scene at the end when John Proctor is about to be executed and he is kissing his wife goodbye. Anna Madeley, who plays Elizabeth Proctor, is one lucky lady. Their last kiss was long and deep. To be in her shoes…(sigh).

Abigail Williams is vengeful sociopath. She will kill the whole town through false accusations to get what she wants. Samantha Colley played her perfectly. I’m going to keep an eye out for what she does next. The Crucible is her professional stage debut. She trained at The Oxford School of Drama.

Reverend Parris, I wanted to strangle that a-hole. I could feel myself having to hold back commentary when he spoke.

The staging was perfect. It was in a circle with the actors also bringing in the set props. With it set up this way you see the audience all around, thus it is like looking in a mirror and seeing your own sins.

I think a moment was omitted. Victoria was telling me that she read on Tumblr that there was a moment when John Proctor throws a Bible. One night Richard missed his mark and hit a woman in the face. He was supposed to throw it down the aisle. After the performance he apologized to her. When we saw the play John Proctor never threw a Bible.

I had not read The Crucible since high school and I had forgotten many details, but as I was watching the play some of the important ones came back in a flash. Such as when Mary gives Elizabeth the poppet as a gift. I gasped because I remembered that it was a trick and she would be accused of witchcraft. I then also remembered Elizabeth’s life was spared because she was pregnant.
(A similar thing happened with another Arthur Miller play, Death of a Salesman, when I saw that on Broadway with Philip Seymour Hoffman and Andrew Garfield. Again old memories of details came back to me, the mistress’s stockings and the hose tied to the gas found in the basement.)

The Crucible was a fantastic play and I am happy that digital theatre has filmed a performance this past week so I can see it again. I recommend that you download it when it is available or see it in cinemas when it comes to your city.

5 out 5 poppets. 

At first I wasn’t sure I would write about this, but then Anna Friel posted photos on her Instagram here, here, and here, so I am going to tell my story.

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