American Pastoral Q&A with Ewan McGregor and Dakota Fanning



14657324_1140841945999378_42943891157088850_n.jpgSee first 6 minutes here.

Sorry that the video was cut off. I should have used a memory card with more space.
From what I could remember I made some notes about the rest of the Q&A.

There are spoilers below, so you have been warned. Go see the movie and then read my post.

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Broadway: The Real Thing


The Real Thing tells the story of Henry, a successful playwright who is unhappily married to Charlotte, the lead actress in his current play about a marriage on the verge of collapse. When Henry’s affair with their friend Annie threatens to destroy his own marriage, he discovers that life has started imitating art. After Annie leaves her husband so she and Henry can begin a new life together, he can’t help but wonder whether their love is fiction or the real thing.

Ewan McGregor has made his Broadway debut in The Real Thing. Victoria got us tickets for my birthday. We saw it for the first time October 18th when it was still in previews.

I liked it (and even more when I saw it the second time). It’s funny and smart. I especially laughed when Henry (Ewan) compares good writing to a well-made cricket bat that can send a ball far. Really good analogy.

I also liked the relaxed singing parts and the classic Motown soundtrack.

My one critique is that it is very wordy and you really have to listen to know the topic. So don’t see the play when you are tired. You have to pay attention.  Also, don’t see the play hungry like I did. Whenever they were eating on stage, I wanted to ask if I could have some too.

So after the matinee on Saturday, October 18th, I was starving. I bought some chips for a snack and then we went to the stage door. It was not packed but we were not up against the barricade either. I did bring my camera but was very unsure that anyone would come out because actors usually don’t in between performances.

Well Ewan did come out and I was not prepared at all. I was stupidly standing 2 or 3 rows back eating chips without my camera or Playbill ready. Victoria managed to sneak her way to up to the barricade. She spoke to Ewan and he signed her Playbill. I heard her talk to him about how it was a pleasure to meet him and how she enjoyed his performance.

By the time I got to her he had moved on and I only got a couple of photos of him. After Ewan walked off towards Eight Avenue with the actress who plays his daughter. I suppose he was getting a bite to eat before the evening performance. Imagine just randomly seeing Ewan on the street or in a restaurant. So cool.

I still kick myself for missing this photo opportunity. It was light out and not cold. It would have been a great photo.

Anyway. I did get Magge Gyllenhaal’s signature (she does not take photos with fans), and Ronan Raftery’s (Billy) signature on the cover of the previews Playbill, which is too dark to see.

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