New York Comic Con 2014 – Saturday, October 11

Started out the day by first going to Stephen Amell’s autographing table. He’s really nice and as gorgeous in person as on TV. I really didn’t say anything awe inspiring. In fact I made a joke that I was repeating what the woman ahead of me already said (as well as hundreds of other people) that I loved the Season 2 finale fight between Arrow and Slade. The choreography and the editing was edge-of-your-seat thrilling. Stephen said it’s a fan favorite and that he wishes they put a “making of” feature on the DVD. I hinted that they can do so for a special edition box set.

As I was talking to Stephen, the volunteers or security pointed out to my sister that the man with the baseball cap standing behind Stephen was Colin Donnell (Tommy Merlyn). More about him later.

Today I wore most comfortable cosplay ever – a Hogwarts student uniform. I wore my Hufflepuff tie and pullover sweater with a black skirt, stockings and shoes. I brought Hermione’s wand with me. I have another that I bought at Universal Orlando, but Hermione’s is the prettiest.
My sister and I also participated in NY Harry Potter Meet Up group’s photoshoot. It was a lot of fun. We posed in different group shots: as a whole, different houses, humor battle scenes, etc.

After the Harry Potter photoshoot we got some snacks and went to the queue for the Empire Stage. My friend, Nikki, was already inside and had been most of the day. She worked her way up to the front row. My sister and I got into the room during the panel right before Stephen’s. It was for a show called Powers and honestly the only thing about that got my attention was that Eddie Izzard was there.

Stephen Amell Spotlight
Saturday, October 11|4:30-5:30|Empire Stage

All thanks to Nikki, we got front row seats. 😀 I got some awesome photos and at some points made eye contact with Stephen.

So this was the weekend right after the season 3 premiere aired. Stephen said the first thing he asked the producers after he read the script was, “Are you sure?” Sara was a well developed character and Caity Lotz will be missed. 😦

Coming up there will be crossover episodes with The Flash. 1×08 of The Flash is called “Flash vs Arrow”. Stephen joked it should be reversed, purely for alphabetical reasons. 3×08 of Arrow is called “Brave and the Bold”.

Most of the panel consisted of questions from the audience.

When asked about what pranks John Barrowman has done on set Stephen said that when filming “Sacrifice” he was all chained up and wet. On the first take John gave him a purple nurple. *cringes* Ouch.

Stephen is dedicated and enthusiastic about Arrow. For Oliver and Felicity’s first date when he mentions she was chewing her pen, Stephen re-watched 1×03 for accuracy.

He also recalls other details and made suggestions. In the pilot Oliver easily breaks out of zip tie cuffs. When he is tied up by Slade during Moira’s murder, Stephen said they better really do it like Christian Grey bondage. LOL. Well, it wasn’t quite like that but he was bound up enough not to escape.

For the fall finale coming up Oilver fights two people while shirtless. There is something to look forward to. 🙂

On a less shallow note, Stephen did say that filming Moira’s death was the most difficult – emotionally.

This was such a funny question. Someone asked in the context of the show where do they get their superhero costumes? Is there a store? Do they know how to sew?
Stephen was silent for a moment, which ensued laughter from us, then said it’s “better left unexamined.” This then started a reoccurring question of where is Diggle’s costume?

Speaking of Diggle, he’s not a character from the DC comics. He’s an homage to Andy Diggle who wrote for the Green Arrow comic books.

When asked about other DC characters coming on, like Nightwing and Harley Quinn, they are restricted with Gotham being on TV. Instead of bringing in the big guns from DC, they’ll bring the niche characters. 

IMG_4725 IMG_4729

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New York Comic Con 2014 – Friday, October 10

Friday, October 10, 2014

Like at Book Con, the Main stage was cleared after each panel. To get in they gave out bracelets each morning, starting at 10, for each panel. I liked this system so much. It prevents people from staying in a room all day for one panel in the late afternoon. I wish they had done this last year. Then I could have seen the panel for Reign.

Victoria and I got our bracelets for the Elementary panel, then roamed the exhibit hall. My sister didn’t have a ticket for Thursday so I took her to see all the things I saw the previous day. The life size E.T. doll at NECA. The Hobbit figures at WETA. The Hallmark booth. We also went to The Colorful Geek booth. I bought a couple of more t-shirts.

I also have another shirt from The Colorful Geek that I bought several years ago that says “Mischief Managed”, and I have the Marauder’s Map. Vic and I should get red wigs and go as Fred and George one year. LOL


Elementary Panel and Exclusive Screening
Friday, October 10| 12:45 PM-1:45PM| Main stage 1-D

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