Top Ten Tuseday November 12: Favorite Bookmarks

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November 12: Favorite Bookmarks


I love this week’s topic! I have many bookmarks and rotate using them. I choose which bookmark to use based on the genre of the book. I often buy a bookmark when I am on vacation as a memento. I’ll break up this TTT into categories.

The vacation mementos:

1. Volterra – I was there in 2011. This was during the height of my Twilight craze. I even wore a green button down shirt like Bella did in the New Moon film. I just had to get a bookmark of the scenes from the book/film. I use it for books that are historical fiction set in Europe.

2. Iceland – I was only passing through in 2013. There was a layover on route to Denmark. With time to kill at the airport I did some duty free shopping and I couldn’t pass up that pretty leather bookmark with the viking ship design. Someday I hope to actually see Iceland. I don’t really use this one much because the leather is thicker than an average bookmark and I don’t want it warping the pages. It is mostly just a keepsake.

3. The Butchart Gardens – in Victoria B.C., Canada. I was there in 2018 and it is so gorgeous. I had an unforgettable picnic there. An added plus is that this bookmark is also a magnet. I don’t really assign this bookmark to any theme. I mostly use it when I have a big book and want to use a magnet.

4. Venice – I was there this summer and went to the island of Burano, known for their lace. It is white and delicate, so I don’t think I will use it much. Just a keepsake.

5. The Scream by Edvard Munch – It is hard to see because the image moves. The face comes closer and closer. I got this in 2017 in San Fransisco at their MOMA. We didn’t plan to go but found ourselves killing time at the museum and seeing the Munch exhibit going on. This bookmark is good for horror stories.

6 & 7. Harry Potter:

I have a few Harry Potter bookmarks and it was hard to narrow down. I chose these two. The quote is perfect for reading because it’s like that incantation will open up the world of the book to you. The one with Harry – I just like the whole design of it. I used these for books about magic.

8. Star Wars. I have a few SW bookmarks but this one I have had since I was 13. The copyright on the back says 1992! The quote, “The prophets of the Dark Star have foretold that the next Emperor shall wear the glove of Darth Vader,” is from The Glove of Darth Vader. It is such an obscure book that I have never seen it in stores or the library. It is probably out of print. Obviously I use the bookmark when I read any Star Wars novel.

9 & 10. Always a reader.

The pegasus unicorn on a rainbow cloud is so girly girl and I love it.
The NINE planets (Pluto still counts!) shows I always loved outer space.
These bookmarks are even older than the Star Wars one. I mostly likely used them when I was a young child reading The Baby-Sitters Club and other books I ordered from The Scholastic catalogue.


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