More News Tomorrow by Susan Richards Shreve


On the morning of her seventieth birthday, Georgianna Grove receives an unexpected letter that calls her back to Missing Lake, Wisconsin, where her mother was murdered sixty-six years earlier. Georgie’s father had confessed to the murder the next morning and was carted off to a state penitentiary. Haunted by the night that took both her parents away and determined to unearth the truth, Georgie takes her reluctant family on what will become a dangerous canoe trip up the swollen Bone River to return to Missing Lake.

Acclaimed novelist Susan Richards Shreve, celebrated for her “refined explorations of parent-child relationships” (Washington Post), captures the tenor of the times with clarity and elegance as she follows both Georgie and her parents on parallel trips up the Bone River, weaving together the hope of June 2008 with the injustices of June 1941. Georgie must untangle a web of bigotry, loss, and half-forgotten memories to finally understand her parents’ fate.

More News Tomorrow is a stirring and irresistible portrait of a family drawn together in search of truth.

I picked this ARC up at Book Con 2019.

More News Tomorrow is a fast, entertaining read. I enjoyed reading the multiple point of views from the present and the past. Most were written in the third person and one was in the first person.

It is a page turner because I just had to know if Georgie’s father really killed her mother. Some twists and doubts are presented.


Warning! Major Spoilers Below:

Was it the student, James, who was in love with William? Or the cook, Clementine, who Josephine argued with? Or was it a suicide? Josephine was depressed after her son was still born. The outcome is clearly understood.

However, I did lower my rating because of the ending in the present day story. The conclusion was a bit rushed, and not believable. There were no consequences and why were the police not more involved? Linda abducted a child and clearly needs phycological help. They just let her go? Why didn’t the police question the Grove family about Oona’s disappearance? Why didn’t they arrest Linda? None of that adds up to what would happen in reality.

And then when Georgie arrives with Thomas and Oona, she doesn’t go take a shower first? Their canoe capsized! Her first thought isn’t “I need a shower.” She goes right to talking to Roosevelt to get answers.

Like Thomas felt in his memoir chapter, I am disappointed that the family didn’t get the answer they were looking for and just only learned that Roosevelt’s mother, Clementine, had an affair with William Grove.  That’s it? Roosevelt could have told Georgie that in a letter.

Besides my critique, it is an interesting story and I think an adaptation would make a good drama series on any popular streaming service.

3 out of 5 Canoes.

Some quotes I liked:
Page 37 – The word fuck is interesting to children. Murder not so much.

Page 137 – She has been afraid, but never with the sense she has now that she could crumble as if her skeleton has gone soft and porous.

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