Witchy Wednesdays: A Discovery of Witches – Episode 8 review


Aww, the season finale. Ok, here we go.


Again there is no voice over from Matthew and the episode picks up right where the last left off.

Juliette is a weird voyeur asking Matthew to kiss Diana. She learned to be creepy from Gerbert.
Girl, you are free now, forget Matthew. He’s just not that into you.

I have no idea what Juliette hit Matthew in the neck with but it was bad enough to kill him. The scene was too quick to catch it.

Diana’s fire bow and arrow was cool but I was a little sad the budget didn’t allow for an actress to play the Goddess and for a tree to be drained of life.

Now things are really rushed. Diana recovers so fast, then she’s practicing Timewalking, and the Daemons show up, and Bridget Bishop’s (I miss her ghost!) poppet comes out of fireplace. They didn’t have time to tie up Diana’s loose ends with her job and the paper she was writing. Or give her any vaccines!!

I’m glad we have the books to revisit and that Season 2 is getting more episodes.

So I am going to focus on the parts that I did love and was glad to see.

I love seeing the Bishop women together as Sarah and Em teach Diana how to Timewalk.

Sophie’s chess piece is really nice. That would sell out at All Souls Con.

Other great little details that were kept:
-Ysabeau’s ring and Kit’s book.
-mentioning Matthew and Diana will look for the Book of Life in the past.
-Hamish warning Diana that he will not be the same Matthew.
-Timewalking to Sept-Tours.
-Matthew passing on The Knights of Lazarus GrandMaster role to Marcus.
– The line about their own secret mini Congregation.

Suspense was created with the POV of the Congregation. That is lost in the book because you don’t really know when they are coming for Diana and Matthew.

Agatha is a perfect diplomat. I love the way she worked the Congregation when they were going after Baldwin. You go and put them in line!

Even though I am sure that Diana made it to the past with Matthew it was exciting to see how close Peter, Satu and Gerbert were to the Bishop House. I hope the House throws them out. Seeing that last scene though with Diana surrounded by candles and not holding Matthew’s hand is a spooky cliffhanger, but I am confident that he made it with her.

I am reading online that Season 2 will begin to film in the summer, after Teresa Palmer has her baby.

I am just so happy that this adaptation remained as close to the book as possible. There are so many examples where too much gets lost and the feel is not the same. Not with A Discovery of Witches. Even with all that was omitted, it kept what was important to tell a cohesive story and it still felt like the magic from the book was still there.

See you for when Season 2 airs. Until then starting April 7th Season 1 will air on AMC!


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