Witchy Wednesdays: A Discovery of Witches – Episode 5 review



Ysabeau takes Diana hunting and she actually eats the fox, then licks the blood off her leather gloves. I thought that was weird. Doesn’t leather taste funny?

Here is some good cinematic storytelling: I liked how their hunting scene cuts between Matthew hunting and attacking Gillian. Only in the show he does not kill her so that he is more likable. I suppose that is the reason because Gillian has served her purpose.

These next scenes also go hand in hand well too. Matthew is so smitten when he tells Hamish what he loves about Diana. Hamish gives him some advice and tells him to tell Diana about his past. She’ll still love Matthew because he still does too.

Ysabeau then tells Diana about Matthew’s life as a human, about Bianca and Lucas (the Cliff’s Notes version), about falling from the tower (I think he jumped) and turning him. There is some foreseeing from Diana here about using her blood to save Matthew. But it is interesting that Ysabeau says Diana can never have his child. Given what we know from the books is Ysabeau lying to her or are they changing the story so that Ysabeau doesn’t know about the Bright Born baby in Jerusalem?

They omitted the contraception tea that Marte taught Diana how to make so is this how they are planting the seeds (pun!) of the conception story for season two?

When Matthew returns I thought it was so cute that Diana had to stand on her toes to kiss him. Ysabeau calls Diana her daughter but it’s not outright said that Matthew says they are now married. So how is that going to come up in season two when Philippe says they are not married.

The bundling (in France!) – I was not expecting it to show as much as it did, more so in a later episode when Matthew goes down on Diana. It was still sort of PG-13 with Diana and Matthew being mostly clothed, but it was also sort of boarding R with Diana having an orgasm on screen. I guess not knowing at the time which networks were going to pick it up globally they pushed the envelope as much as they could without it going as far as Game of Thrones or Outlander.

The Congregation: I am not one of the fans that disliked Baldwin, but I think the show makes him more likable and sympathetic.

Gerbert has some nerve praying after what he has done! Surprised his tongue does not burn every time he says “In the name of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit.”

I loved the Daemon meet up and find it so annoying that the Congregation keeps them segregated. What a bunch of bullies.

Sat taking Diana was a good cliffhanger, but I feel mostly everything from the next episode on is more condenses and a bit more rushed. More on that next week.

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