Witchy Wednesdays: A Discovery of Witches – Episode 3 review


As always there are spoilers for the trilogy and the TV series.


It’s great to have this story in TV series format because we see the inner workings of the Congregation – the politics, the threats, and the archives. I love archives. When Satu arrives she is wearing much nicer clothes. Dressing the part.

More world building, we are introduced to more Daemons. I smiled when “Demons” by Imagine Dragons played as they introduced Sophie and Nat. And it wasn’t a cover! I love, love, love Sophie in the book and seeing her story with Nat and Agatha told was one of my favorite things about the series. In the book Sophie and Nat just show up out of nowhere, but here you see their journey and how they make their way to Madison.

Also, they are such a cute family but also you see the sadder side too. Daemons feel so alienated. Breaks my heart.

Again Diana gets no work done at the Bod. But at least she gets to go to a library. I liked scene at Matthew’s house in Woodstock when Diana is admiring his books and then he tests her by almost spilling wine on them. It was funny but also I felt like Diana, like “WTF are you doing?!” But it brings up the plot point about her magic being tied to need.

Having Louisa’s painting was a nice little nod and there is the foreshadowing of talking about Philippe and that vampires can be killed. That is for when Juliette almost kills Matthew and she dies.

Although Matthew Goode was not my first choice he is playing Matthew Clairmont so well. He has the right mixture of dangerous, haunted and sensual.

His chemistry with Teresa Palmer is really strong. I don’t mind they cut out the yoga scene and am glad they did their dinner date scene so well. They kept the “what I would taste like” question and the aftermath was chilling.

The little Easter Egg about Queen Elizabeth I’s teeth was a nice touch.

I really liked Marcus in this episode. He is so charming when he takes Diana food shopping for her date with Matthew. He’s just adorable.

When Matthew is taking Diana’s blood in the lab, who growls? Was it Matthew, Marcus or Miriam? The closed caption didn’t say who it was.

The actress playing Miriam, Aiysha Hart, is really gorgeous and I like her fierceness.

Going back to adorable people, I love that we get to see Sarah and Em’s POV. Their chemistry is so cute and natural. I love their concern for Diana, even when Sarah gets angry. I want them to be my aunts and teach me magic.

Gerbert is being a creepy abuser again. I had forgotten about the oracle head he keeps and the prophecy. I guess because we only hear about the head and never see it in the books. And I can’t remember when the prophecy about the lion and the wolf is brought up.

Juliette getting a bath from Gerbert is just wrong. Her life is just sad.

The confrontation in the Bodleian. They changed the fact that Sean remembers Diana calling Ashmole 782, but I guess it is too much to explain that magic made him forget that so they just omitted that. But poor Sean getting mind abused by Peter Knox! Pure evil.

I love how the episode ends with a cover of Fleetwood Mac’s “Go Your Own Way.”
Nice little foreshadow to BOL. I wonder if for the third season they will have the Bishop house playing the actual band’ music (if they can get those expensive rights) or just mention it?

Same time, same place next week for Episode 4.

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