Witchy Wednesdays: A Discovery of Witches – Episode 2 review


What exciting news we got this week! Starting Sunday, April 7 at 9pm ET/PT A Discovery of Witches will air on AMC and BBCAmerica!  I’ll be watching again.

This week I am reviewing Episode 2. As always there are spoilers for the book trilogy and the TV series.

The episode opens in Venice! So beautiful. We see the point of view of Juliette and her deadly, unhealthy obsession with Matthew. But I also really feel bad for her. The emotional and physical abuse she endures at Gerbert’s hand is sickening. And because he is her sire she calls him “father” which is really even more disturbing.

I realized calling him father sort of has a double meaning because Gerbert was Pope Sylvester II. Domenico kisses his hand like people kiss the Pope’s hand.

Hamish is introduced this episode. I cracked up at Matthew’s joke when he said his newly decorated home looks like a wedding cake. I like that they kept the little things like their chess game, creature politics, and Hamish’s warning about the warmbloods Matthew has killed (Eleanor and Cecila).

The Bodleian is filling up with creature. Could the man with the red cowboy boots have been Timothy? Poor Diana can’t get any work done with all these interruptions.

I like the ways Diana stood up to Peter Knox when she told him she wanted no part of vampire genocide and then when she breaks the window at the party. Owen Teale is good as Peter Knox. You really just want to punch him in the face and tell him to F-off.

With the threats of Peter Knox Diana is becoming more trusting of Matthew. I like how they kept a little bit of the conversation from the book about Matthew looking for Ashmole 782 since Darwin’s Origins and how he’s so old he knew Machiavelli and the line, “Which fall of Carthage?”

I also love the little moment in the lab when Marcus smells Diana and says she is AB-. There is not as much detail about the biology, genealogy, and Diana’s DNA results in the series as in the book, but I am not surprised. There was a lot and I mean A LOT of information about all that. I think they kept most of what was necessary.

Desire and Fear – they also sort of kept when Diana and Matthew talk about that though they didn’t mention that it was the topic of his paper when he applied to All Souls College.

When Matthew kisses Diana’s wrist at the end that was very sensual.

That’s about all I have for Episode 2 for now. See you next week for Episode 3.

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