Sisters of the Fire by Kim Wilkins

The battle-scarred warrior princess Bluebell, heir to her father’s throne, is rumoured to be unkillable. So when she learns of a sword wrought specifically to slay her by the fearsome raven king, Hakon, she sets out on a journey to find it before it finds her. The sword is rumoured to be in the possession of one of her four younger sisters. But which one? Scattered as they are across the kingdoms, she sets out on a journey to find them.

Her four sisters all have their own paths to tread, the gifted magician Ash is on a journey to find a dragon that could determine her destiny. The beautiful, unhappy Rose has left her undermagician Aunt and is speeding to the aid of her daughter, Rowan, who has been lost to her. Ivy, sold into marriage for the sake of an alliance, is now set to become the ruling Duchess of Seacaster with the imminent death of her much older and sick husband, and the power-hungry Willow is raising her infant child as a potential trimartyr king and training to be a warrior for the fanatical religious order Maava.

From wild rocky coastline to granite-topped tors, from bustling harbours to echoing ghost towns, from halls of kings to ancient primal woodlands, this story follows five sisters upon whose actions kingdoms will rise and fall.

Synopsis from here.

This is an ARC that I won from a Giveaway that Del Rey was having on Instagram. Thank you again, Del Rey!

I am a little confused though because the book is being released in the U.S. on February 2, 2019 but was released elsewhere in 2016, and some of the reviews on Goodreads are from 2 years ago. So, is this still an ARC?

Whatever it is, I enjoyed this second book in the trilogy. There is some fun action and it’s to the point. The description doesn’t drag on and on. I would say it was more character driven. The characters, especially the sisters are well written and are diverse in their personalities. I certainly have my favorites sisters that I root for and ones that I want to smack across the head. I’ll elaborate more below so beware of spoilers.

One major critique I have is that only one of the sisters is literate. That just baffles me. How are royal princesses illiterate? It makes no sense. In a world were most of the people are illiterate it’s the rulers, the rich, and the clergy that CAN read. So I wasn’t too keen about that.

On to the characters. My favorites:

Bluebell’s quest was one of the strongest plots. It connected the sisters and drove the story forward. I do wish her romantic story had been more developed but I liked her love interest, Skalmir, and that they got married.

Rose really grew in maturity. I feel like this time she took a backseat to Bluebell, Ash and Willow, but her quest to find her daughter was a strong maternal one and I felt for her when she was torn between her children.

Rowan is growing into my favorite character next to Bluebell. I wish there had been more from her POV when she was with the First Folk. I want to know more about them, but I suspect that is being saved for the next book. I loved how the prologue and epilogue centered around her keeping secrets and is shaping her into a future ruler.

Ash felt bad for her isolation and the abuse she suffered. The end was satisfying when Rowan kills Unweder and Ash regains her freedom and strength. I can’t wait to see what else she can do as a Sea Witch.

Ugh, these two:

I was really hoping Ivy would have grown into a smart and mature woman but she is just as naive and annoying. If you’re going to plan to kill your husband and take over the port city learn how to read, how to be a politician and gain the support and love of your people first. She is so dumb her story did not really interest me all that much.

Willow I hate because she abuses her daughter and is just so annoyingly blind about her religion. That being said, her story was interesting to read because she and Hakon are a good antagonists to Bluebell. After the conclusion of Daughters of the Storm I thought Willow’s child would be more involved but given the ending of Sisters of the Fire I think that will be addressed in the next book.

I really liked how Sisters of the Fire moved the story forward. The plots and characters were well developed, and the separate stories matched up well. I am looking forward to the conclusion in book 3, Queens of the Sea.

3.5 out of 5 Dragons

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