The TBR Pile of Doom!

I saw this post on Purple Manatees and thought to do a post like it too. I have accumulted so many books and I can’t read that fast. So many of these have been sitting on my poor TBR pile for years.

I am hoping this post becomes something of a motivational tool to get through them.

1. How many books are in this pile currently?
87 total. This doesn’t show the books my sister got from NYCC and Book Con that I want to read too. Or the books I have downloaded as ebooks and audiobooks. So…technically it is well over a hundred, maybe even close to 200, but I am too scared to count them.

Descriptions of the pictures bellow:
31 Books I bought or were given by family/friends (with the exception of Year Zero and The Winter of the Witch. I forgot to add those to the NYCC pile because I had put them aside as my December reads.)

22 Books from NYCC from as far back as 2013.

11 Books from Book Con from 2017, 2015 and 2014

23 Star Wars books: Most of these I bought before Disney purchased Lucasfilm and turned the EU into Legends. Which sort of made me lose motivation. Also, the amount of SW books out there is very overwhelming.


2. Is there any order that you read these books in?
I sometimes try to come up with a schedule but then I will fall behind or find something else I want to read right away and the rest stay on the back burner.

I do want to read the Book Con pile before the one coming up in June.

3. How many books do you read at a time?
This is a tricky question. Technically I can only read one new book at a time because I can’t keep up with more than one world at a time. However, I can read a new book and listen to an audiobook of a book I have already read during the same time period.

4. Where do you read your books?
Mostly I read/listen during my commute. With audiobooks I will color or clean while listening.

5. Are you on a book ban?
I should be, but I have a compulsive disease. Although, in recent years I have been better and not picked up every book giveaway I see at conventions. I now limit it to ones I really am interested in. I ended up doing a book purge recently where I looked at all my ARCs that were so old and unread, it was pointless, so I gave them away. But the coupons and ebook/Audible deals are too tempting.

6. Where did you get so many books?
Conventions: NYCC and Book Con, as well as Barnes & Noble, or sometimes independent book stores in NYC.

Wish me luck, pray for me, or turn me into a Cyborg so I can download all of this into my brain.

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