New York Comic Con 2018 – Friday, October 5

I went to work for the earlier part of the day and got to Comic Con at 2PM so I could go to Ashley Eckstein’s meet and greet at the Reed Pop booth.

I was such an airhead and forgot to bring my From a Certain Point of View book for her to sign! What a scatterbrain I am sometimes.

Ok, next time. Moving on. I told her how emotional I was when I found out The Clone Wars was returning while watching the SDCC panel. Ashley said she was a hot mess because she was crying, but I told her I was crying with her and I loved when Matt got out of seat.

I was getting choked up again and so I asked her about her sweatshirt and if it’s available. She spoke about the concept for the original logo for Her Universe being Ahsoka’s markings and the shirt is available. It came out for the 10th Anniversary collection, but slipped under the radar with the other items based off the characters’ outfits.

I told her that I got the Skywalker hooded sweatshirt and she asked if it is too big. I told it her it is but I knew it would be. I can just wear it around the house when it’s winter. It is so comfy.

She is so sweet, she asked about my sister and I told her she would be coming to NYCC after work, and that we will be seeing her in April for Celebration.

At the Penguin Booth there was a mystery giveaway. You chose from several descriptions. I saw someone walk away with this book and the cover caught my eye, so I did my best guessing. I guessed right!
The Waking Land by Callie Bates

The was the only book I got because I was nervous about getting into the A Discovery of Witches panel so I went to queue up 3.5 hours early.

The room was full for a panel for Ralph Breaks the Internet, so while I was on the queue I read a little bit of Time’s Convert on my nook app.

I then made it into the room and honestly didn’t know what the next panel was but knew it was in high demand. The room filled up completely. It was for Netflix’s Big Mouth. I have seen an advertisement for it Time’s Square, but there was never sound. So, I really knew nothing about it. I planned to keep reading my ebook.

Then I heard them introduce John Mulaney. I had no idea he was involved. Ok, I love his stand up comedy specials, but this series is not for me. They did a live table read of an episode. It is way, way, way too crude for me. Some parts were funny, but mostly it is just really intentionally gross.

Oh yea, Nick Kroll and Fred Armisen were there too.

And because I didn’t care about my seat since I planned to move closer after each panel, I got a really crappy photo.


After Big Mouth I moved closer for the panel for Kevin Williamson’s Tell Me a Story. Paul Wesley (Stefan from The Vampire Diaries) and Danielle Campbell (Davina from The Originals) were among some of the guests.


Found the full panel on YouTube

Tell Me a Story is based off a serial from Argentina and is basically fairy tales set in modern times. There’s Three Little Pigs, Hansel and Gretel, and Little Red Riding Hood.

It will air on CBS All Access. I guess they can uses the F- word on All Access. They showed us a scene and there was even a joke to ease up on the F—s.

Kevin said what’s great about a show that streams is that it gets an ending. Next season would have 3 different fairy tales. When there is 22 episodes season after season there really isn’t a beginning, middle and end.

Kevin and Paul worked together on The Vampire Diaries and Kevin didn’t think of Paul when casting. Kevin just wanted to know what Paul thought of the script. Paul saw the trailer to the Argentinian version and really liked how the role he is playing is a departure from Stefan.

At 20:54, I really like the question that came from someone in the audience about at what moment did they actually felt like they are in New York. Picking the right subway car, finding the best bagels? (I love picking the right subway car!)

Watch it to hear the answer.

The panel I have been waiting for! We were lucky to get to see the first episode of A Discovery of Witches.

My spoiler free review:

It is really, really good. It holds the tone and feeling of the book while making smart and necessary changes to tell the events in a cinematic way. Having read the book many times I understood why certain details were adapted to set up the plot and show the audience what is going on. At its heart, the characters still feel like themselves and the chemistry between them is on point.

The sets and filming on location is so breathtakingly PERFECT!

I loved seeing the other POVs outside of Diana’s. Really links it all together.

I am so excited to watch all 8 episodes. They were giving out fliers with a code for a 30 day free trial. I hope it works in January when I use it. I want to watch it the right way so that it gets a second season. The second book is my favorite.

ADoW will be available January 19 on Shudder/Sundance Now.

After the screening there was a small talk with Deborah, that I recorded, talking about the TV adaptation.


I want to know, why they don’t wear white gloves when handing old books?

I love the part about the Deborah’s idea for her cameo next season. She would want to be plump, wealthy, Elizabethan shopper. LOL

This part cracked me up: Matthew is 1,500 years old and Feminism has happened in the last blink of his eye and he’s not sure it’s going to stick.


Stay tuned for Saturday’s write up.

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