Top Ten Tuesday – July 25: All about the visuals: Favorite Graphic Novels/Comic Books

Top Ten Tuesday is an original feature/weekly meme created at The Broke and the Bookish.

This was originally a TTT on January 31, but I never got to do it.  I’ll do it now in honor of SDCC this past weekend, and since The Broke and the Bookish prompts are on hiatus.

Been years since I read all these Clone Wars volumes. I’m just mentioning the parts that stuck out in my mind.

1) Star Wars: Clone Wars, Volume 7: When They Were Brothers
Script by W. Haden Blackman, Art by Brian Ching


Many on both sides of the Clone Wars have been wounded or killed. But the war has taken its toll on the survivors, too.

Consumed by the belief that the Dark Jedi Asajj Ventress still lives, Obi-Wan Kenobi has temporarily forsaken his duties and recruited Anakin Skywalker in his desperate hunt for Ventress.

But Anakin believes that Obi-Wan is chasing a ghost-because he himself killed Ventress. And Anakin’s doubts about his former Master’s quest are not assuaged when, following the trail of the rumors of Ventress’ existence, they walk into a trap set by their old enemies, the bounty hunter Durge and Count Dooku!

A tale that tests the strengths of the bonds of brotherhood!
• Collects Obsession Issues 1-5 and the 2005 Free Comic Book Day comic.

I don’t love the art, but I like it. It’s a bit scratchy at times, but the story is my favorite. First of all there is Anakin and Padmé on Naboo. Five months before the events of RotS. MMM-hmmm. *waggles eyebrows* *whispers: Luke and Leia*
Second, Obi-Wan interrupts them to ask for Anakin’s help hunting Ventress.
Third, Ventress!!! She lives.

2)Star Wars: Clone Wars, Volume 9: Endgame
Script by John Ostrander, Pencils by Jan Duursema, Inks by Dan Parsons, Colors by Brad Anderson.


In the jungles of the Wookiee homeworld Kashyyyk, Quinlan Vos wages a battle of impossible odds against his own troops to protect his loved ones. On the icy Outer Rim world of Toola, Jedi Master Kai Huddora takes a terrified Padawan into his charge after her own master falls to Order 66. Amidst the forests of New Plymto, Dass Jennir finds himself in league with a band of rebels he’d led attacks against only days before. Not all Jedi are scattered across the galaxy however, and soon, a brave few will plot to topple Sith rule-by setting a trap for the newly unveiled Darth Vader!

• Collects Star Wars: Republic 79-83 and the one shot Star Wars: Purge

I love the conclusion of Quinlan Vos’ story and that he survived Order 66 (this is now Legends). The artwork for the pages when he reunites with Khaleen and meets his son Korto are so beautiful. Clean and realistic. I like comic books where the art looks so realistic you feel it can be a photo.

3)Star Wars: Clone Wars, Volume 8: The Last Siege, the Final Truth
Script by John Ostrander, Pencils by Jan Duursema, Inks by Dan Parsons.


While both the Republic and the Separatists have suffered staggering losses during the Clone Wars, nothing could have prepared them for the battle they face on the desert world of Saleucami. Beneath the surface of this Outer Rim planet, the Dark Jedi Sora Bulq has begun cloning an army of Morgukai assassins. Unwilling to leave this grave new threat unchecked, the Jedi and their armies soon find themselves entrenched in a five-month siege. Now, time and resources have run out, and it’s up to a crack team of Jedi, led by Quinlan Vos and Aayla Secura, to infiltrate the Separatist base.

• Collecting stories from Star Wars: Republic Issues 72-77.

Remember in RotS when Obi-Wan tells Anakin that Saleucami has fallen and Master Vos is going to Bos Pity? Those events take place here.
And Anakin isn’t the only Jedi to fall in love and procreate…

4)Star Wars: Clone Wars, Volume 3: Last Stand on Jabim
Written by W. Haden Blackman, Pencilled by Brian Ching, Inks by Victor Llamas


General Obi-Wan Kenobi and his Padawan Anakin Skywalker find themselves in command of a regiment of Clone Troopers on the muddy battlefields of the rain world of Jabiim. With their supply lines stretched thin and reinforcements unable to land due to the perpetual storms, the Jedi and their army have become easy targets.

I remember in this story Anakin, as a Padawan, Force chokes a character. I also remember Barriss makes an appearance and I like her. In what they now call “Legend” she is Anakin’s peer, not Ahsoka’s, and she is Knighted before Anakin.

There is another story in this trade paperback, “The Storm After the Storm” (by John Ostrander, Pencils by Jan Duursema, Inks by Dan Parsons). I love it because Anakin and A’Sharad Hett are on Tatooine together. They’re both from there and so it brings up a lot of emotions. Plus, it has a great line from Anakin unknowingly predicting his future, “I don’t see how anyone could live their life behind a mask.”

5)Star Wars: Clone Wars, Volume 6: On the Fields of Battle
Written by John Ostrander, Pencils by Jan Duursema, Inks by Dan Parsons


From the space-station headquarters of the Bounty Hunters’ Guild, to untamed worlds on the edge of the galaxy, the Jedi must go where the Clone Wars take them.

Mace Windu leads an elite Jedi strike force against an army of trained killers in a demonstration of Jedi power and resolve…Aayla Secura must confront her former Master in an effort to retrieve the plans for a weapon that has already destroyed one world…Obi-Wan Kenobi and Anakin Skywalker must join forces with a renegade Jedi to prevent a fleet of warships from falling into the hands of the enemy…

On whatever field of battle the Jedi find themselves, their greatest challenge is to remain true to their teachings and to the ways of the Force!

There is a story called “Dreadnaughts of Readili” that I love because it had many of my favorite characters in one. Anakin, Obi-Wan, Quinlan Vos and Ventress. My favorite pages are the ones that switch point of views between Quinlan addressing the Jedi Council. His assignment was to be a double agent and get close to Dooku. He had to explain his very dark side actions. (Yes, this “Legends” story was then used in Dark Disciple.) At the same time we see Anakin fighting Ventress on some scaffolding on Coruscant. She gives him the scar on his eye that we see in RotS, and then he kills her. (Or so we think!) It is the best “split screen” pages I’ve read in a comic book.
6) Sentinels Anthology Volume 2
by Rich Bernatovech, Luciano Vecchio (Illustrator)

The Saga of the Sentinels continues as 31 of the brightest rising talents of the comic book industry bring you new, compelling and original stories.

And the next generation of Sentinels take center stage and debut in their new roles as heroes, in a story that spotlights every generation of the team.

My review.


by Rich Bernatovech, Luciano Vecchio
(Book 1: Footsteps; Book 2: Masks; Book 3: Echoes; Book 4: Hope)
My review.


Here’s a bonus to make it an even Top Ten list. Three books on my to-be-read pile.
Yes, I know these are old and not part of the canon anymore. What can I say, I have about 100 books on my TBR piles.
1) Star Wars: Knight Errant, Volume 1: Aflame
2) Star Wars: Dawn of the Jedi, Volume 1: Force Storm
3) Star Wars: Dawn of the Jedi, Volume 2: Prisoner of Bogan

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