Alight (The Generations Trilogy #2) by Scott Sigler


“If it’s war they want, they messed with the wrong girl.”

M. Savage—or Em, as she is called—has made a bewildering and ominous discovery. She and the other young people she was chosen to lead awoke in strange coffins with no memory of their names or their pasts. They faced an empty, unknown place of twisting tunnels and human bones. With only one another to depend on, they searched for answers and found the truth about their terrifying fate. Confronted by a monstrous enemy, they vowed never to surrender—and, by any means, to survive.

The planet Omeyocan may be the sanctuary Em and her comrades seek. But the planet for which they were created turns out not to be a pristine, virgin world. Vestiges of a lost civilization testify to a horrifying past that may yet repeat itself. And when a new enemy creeps from the jungle shadows, Em and her young refugees learn there’s nowhere left to run. They face a simple choice: fight or die.

In the midst of this desperate struggle, their unity is compromised from within—and a dangerous zealot devoted to a bloodthirsty god moves to usurp Em’s command, threatening to lead them all down a path to violent doom.

I mention major spoilers in my review.

Usually the second book of a trilogy is so-so, but I enjoyed Alight.

I’ll get my critiques out of the way. Sometimes it could be a bit predictable and I was a bit lost about the timeline of events. Especially when we learn Spingate is pregnant. How much time has past that she and Gaston fell and love and conceived a child? (Question for the next book: Are babies born with a symbol on their head?)

I would have liked to see other characters’ points of view, especially the beings already on the planet. I always wondered if a story was written from the POV of an alien species how would they describe humans?

Onto the good:

Just like Alive, the love triangle with Em, Bishop and O’Malley was not annoyingly in your face. It doesn’t take over the story as the most prominent aspect. That was the dangers they faced on Omeyocan, as well as the political struggles within their own group. The pacing was good. I felt the discoveries the characters made were well timed.

O’Malley’s death was a bummer. I was preferring him over Bishop because he was up front and told Em how he felt. It wasn’t the usual teenage angst.

The cliffhanger is a good one because it isn’t keeping them in a bubble. It’s a big galaxy and there will be more trouble. I am also looking forward to more of the characters’ memories resurfacing and learning more about Omeyocan’s past civilizations in the next book.

4 out 5 spears

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