New York Comic Con 2016 – Saturday, October 8

Inside Gotham with David Mazouz, Erin Richards and Robin Lord Taylor

David Mazouz (Bruce Wayne), Erin Richards (Barbara Kean) and Robin Lord Taylor (Oswald Cobblepot) give a behind-the-scenes look at the seedy Gotham underworld, and what it’s like to be a part of the Bat-Mythos. Join Gotham’s goldenboy and a few sinister scoundrels as they share their Arkham adventures and talk about the latest TV installment in the Batman world.

My sister, myself and our friend Nikki got pretty good seats at the Gotham panel. Fourth row. Nikki wanted the aisle so she could be near the mic to ask a question.

Before the panel the warm up guy played a game with the audience. A cross between a scavenger hunt and musical chairs. Each round the players had to go out and find a specific item (all Batman themed) from the audience and bring it back to the chair up front. Every round a chair was taken away so that the last person back left with no chair was disqualified. The last two contestants were a grown man and girl in her tweens. It was her first comic-con.

The item was a Lego Batman keychain. A guy threw his keys to the male contestant. But they overshot and landing in Nikki’s hands. She wanted the girl to win, so she turned to the girl, made eye contact and threw them to her. The girl got a prize and Nikki got a t-shirt for her intercepting skills.

The t-shirt was from NYCC 2013. HA! Nikki was able to trade it in at the ReedPop store for a 2016 shirt.

The panel started with just David and Robin. Erin was stuck in traffic.

This season will be the first time Bruce and Penguin have a scene where they speak to each other. David had only seen the Penguin waddle from a distance.

Robin spoke about Paul Reubens playing his dad.
Robin was over at Carol Kane’s (who played Oswald’s mother) for dinner and she said that her friend Paul was coming over too. Robin thought nothing of it till he came by and realized that she meant her friend Paul Reubens.

They joked about Paul playing his dad and took a photo together to send to the producer. The producer was like, “OMG, we’ve been trying to get in touch with him for 3 weeks!”

When they filmed the episode where Penguin’s father died, at the same time Robin’s father passed away. The producers asked Robin what he wanted to do. He decided to keep shooting the episode. He also couldn’t get a flight out to Iowa until the next day. It was also Paul’s last day of shooting Gotham before going onto his Pee Wee tour.
What Robin was feeling mirrored his character’s feelings, which never really happens for an actor.

That episode will always be Robin’s favorite, but also the one episode he can never watch again.

Erin made it before the q&a.

Someone brought up their hair. Robin is actually a blonde and dies his hair every two weeks. Erin dyes her dark hair blonde.

They spoke about the set design and the attention to detail:
There are subtle things the audience may not notice but Robin did. In the Penguin’s house there are photos of his father and step-mother. The stepmother is ripped out.

In Barbara’s old apartment there were photos of her grandparent’s wedding. They were Erin’s grandparents.

The first season Wayne Manor showed only one room. It was the same room for 8 episodes in a row. They have since expanded it.

When the audience q&a started Nikki’s  was the first to ask.

I can’t figure out how to embed videos so just click the link to youtube.

David’s dog Starlet, who was dressed as Robin.


This all came about when someone at the q&a said her cat died and asked Robin about his cat. Then Erin went into a story about a feral cat that comes into her apartment in Brooklyn and hisses at her. But Erin feeds it anyway and it is clear she won’t be rid of this cat, no matter how much it hates her. So then David said he was a dog person and mentioned his dog was with him and dressed as Robin. Then the audience chanted to bring the dog on stage. Starlet was well behaved and totally stole the show. I can’t remember what was said after this point.

So we had some time before our photo op with Carrie Fisher. We roamed the exhibit hall.

Saturday’s book haul:
The Pitchfork of Destiny by Jack Heckel. I won it in a spin and win. Doesn’t sound like something I’ll read so I’m giving it to my cousin.
The Valiant by Lesley Livingston – ARC


Each day at the Penguin RandomHouse Audiobook booth I took the quiz of the day. You get that day’s pin for participating. You listen to a clip from the audiobook and answer the question. Star Wars and Harry Potter was easy. Game of Thrones I got 3 out of 5 and most of it was guessing, going off of what I new from pop culture references.

Our (my sister and I) Carrie Fisher photo op was at 4:45pm, and we queued up early. It of course started an hour late and ran overtime. My sister and I bought our tickets when it was announced she was appearing on Saturday again. First she was Saturday and Sunday, then just Sunday, then back to Saturday and Sunday.

This time her dog Gary was in the photo too. I have seen some photos online where Gary was included and am so glad to have one as well. Now I have one of just me and Carrie, one with Carrie and Mark, and one with Gary.

Because the photo ops started so late we missed: Coloring Between the Lines: Adult Coloring Books as Art. But I am not so bummed because my favorite artist, Johanna Basford was not there.

Next: Sunday with Carrie Fisher and the Gotham Team Up.


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