New York Comic Con 2016 – Friday, October 7

The first thing my sister and I did that Friday morning was go to the Disney Booth. I had gotten an email that there would be a signing at 6:00pm with E.K. Johnston and Ashley Eckstein for the new Ahsoka novel. I wanted to ask if we would need bracelets for the signing. No bracelets required. I was just told by a woman who worked there to be there 15-30 minutes before it started.

Yea right. This is Ashely and Ahsoka we are talking about. I planned to be there no less than an hour before. But when I got there before 5pm I just missed them selling their last copy of Ahsoka and capping the line. They said people had been lined up since about 3 or 4PM, after they heard about the signing at a Star Wars panel that morning.

I was heartbroken. I think the man there felt bad because before someone told him the line was capped he offered to sell me another book for them to sign. But that’s not the point. Why would I want them to sign a book they have no involvement with? He also said Ahsoka would be on sale in bookstores on Tuesday. But then it won’t be signed and that is the point.

Why didn’t the woman that morning tell me to BUY THE BOOK NOW? That that would be my “ticket” to the signing. I also kicked myself for not thinking of it, but honestly, she made it seem like it would be a give away. And let’s be honest, Disney can afford to give a few out for free at NYCC.

I got over it and ended up downloading the audiobook instead. I really wanted to hear Ashley narrate it anyway.

WB has a nice Fantastic Beasts costumes display. I didn’t wait on queue for the virtual wand-spell casting. Didn’t have the patience.


In the early afternoon we went to Hammerstein Ballroom for the Elementary panel.

A summer has passed for the modern-day crime-solving duo, and Watson’s former surgical patient Shinwell, reappears in her life. At first, he is a helpful tipster in a murder investigation and soon begins working with Sherlock and Joan, leveraging various illicit connections from his past to help the pair solve the NYPD’s most impossible cases. Join series stars Jonny Lee Miller (Dexter), Lucy Liu (Charlie’s Angels) and Nelsan Ellis (True Blood) with Executive Producer and Creator Robert Doherty for an exclusive screening of a never before seen episode followed by a Panel discussion and Fan Q&A moderated by Jason Tanz.

They showed us the episode that aired October 16, 2016, “Worth Several Cities”

A dangerous gang leader (Jon Huertas) has Sherlock kidnapped and orders him to find out who had killed the gang’s best smuggler. The investigation reveals that the murderer was after a smuggled treasure, the Imperial Jade Seal of China. Representatives of the governments of Mainland China and Taiwan also approach Sherlock, as each of their governments has a vested interest in acquiring the Seal. Meanwhile, Shinwell (from the previous episode) asks Joan to locate his teenage daughter, whom he didn’t get to know while she was growing up.

-Nelsan Ellis was ill that day and couldn’t make it to the panel.
-Lucy will be directing 2 episodes this season.
-They just wrapped their 100th episode!
-Shinwell was from the original Arthur Conan Doyle stories. He had been on their storyboard since the pilot and they have finally found a way to fit him into the series.
-Oh this was funny. During the audience q&A one fan, a woman, praised the platonic relationship between Sherlock and Joan. Then another woman asked if a hook-up between them was possible. She got a very vocal “BOO” and heckles from the audience. I was one of those boo-ers. So they asked by a show of hands, who’s wants Sherlock and Joan to stay platonic and who wants a relationship. Only 3 people wanted a relationship.
-Another fan asked Lucy if she would get to do more action scenes. Lucy answered “if the story calls for it.” Jonny joked that what he got from this panel is that we want more sex and violence. LOL
After Elementary we went to Stories of Imagination: Your Must-Read Book Review from Harper Voyager and Epic Reads

I took some notes of the books that interested me. They would compare it to other stories, so say if you like Gotham and Dead Like Me then you’ll like This Savage Song (Monsters of Verity #1)by Victoria Schwab.

So I have a whole list of books to check out.

When we got there we had to sit in the back. At the end of the panel they gave out Epic Reads tote bags with books inside. Well, they underestimated the attendees and ran out of tote bags. We did get one book.

Friday Book haul:
A Crucible of Souls by Mitchell Hogan
Beheld by Alex Flinn – ARC


Both are from Harper Collins so I can’t remember now which was a given at the Epic Reads panel and which was a give away at their booth.

There was also an Epic Reads: Fantasy Frenzy Meetup that my sister went to.
Epic Reads invites readers of all ages to join a round-table where fantasy authors Heidi Heilig (The Girl from Everywhere) and Maria Dahvana Headly (Magonia) will dish about their books and other fantasy favorites. Bring your books and get them signed; it’s an Epic Reads Book Club! Free advance reader copies and fun Epic Reads swag will be up for grabs!  

Nothing was said about clearing the room after each meet up group finishes. She had been waiting in the room early, and after the Pokémon Meet Up ended the Epic Reads people kicked my sister out of room and made her get on the queue. Again, they ran out of tote bags and books. My sister was pissed off so she didn’t stay. Neither did the others who missed out on the swag.

She wishes she fought to stay in the room because there was a group of girls who refused to leave and were not kicked out and they all got books.

A friend of mine says Epic Reads is always running out too soon.

We complained the next day to the people at the Harper Collins booth. The girl there just shrugged and said sorry. So we pushed the issue, next time make it damn clear as crystal that you clear those rooms. And get more tote bags. If your room capacity is 100 people, get 120 bags filled with books.

So after that disappoinment with Disney and Epic Reads we went to dinner.

We came back in the evening for the Your Opinion Sucks! – Rotten Tomatoes Critics vs. Fans panel.

Face off against your favorite Rotten Tomatoes critics and editor-in-chief Matt Atchity and senior editor Grae Drake of Rotten Tomatoes, in this highly interactive Panel discussion where audience members are invited to share movies and TV shows they love, hate, or love to hate. Everyone in the room will get the chance to vote “fresh” or “rotten” by using their personal “Tomatometer Paddle.”

They capped the line but my sister and I didn’t GAF. We stayed on the queue, as did others, and the capped line because a “no guarantee you’ll get in” line. We ended up getting in and standing in the back for a hilarious panel. The Rotten Tomatoes panel is always a good time.

Stay tuned for Saturday in Gotham and Carrie Fisher.


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