New York Comic Con 2016 – Thursday, October 6:

Thursday my sister, Victoria, and I got to the Javits Center around noon.

We didn’t go to any of the panels we  wanted to see. Some were at Book Con @ NYCC over at 500 W 36th St and 10th Ave: A World Unlike Any Other: The Importance of Setting in Fantasy and Sci-Fi and Villain Squad: Villains and Anti-Heroes in Literature.

Luckily I can catch up on some the panels I missed here at the Unbound Worlds NYCC wrap-up.

Instead we went around the Exhibit Hall picking up books, looking at Artist’s Alley and taking photos.

Thursday’s haul.
The Star Wars book is just excerpts from Star Wars and Del Rey novels.
Wolf’s Mate (Wind Dragons MC #5) by Chantal Fernando (I didn’t know it was part of a series. I just grabbed it).
Gilded Cage (Dark Gifts #1) by Vic James – ARC
Blood Rose Rebellion by Rosalyn Eves – ARC
Nemesis by Brendan Reichs – ARC
The Bear and the Nightingale by Katherine Arden – ARC – signed


At First In Line I showed them the email I received in exchange for the Blood Rose Rebellion. I got very excited when I read the jacket because I have a friend from Hungary named Noémi (No-amy). I messaged her about the book and asked if her name is popular in Hungary. She said:
“It’s not a very common name, actually. It was a writer who came up with it in 1872. In that book the main guy is an aristocrat and he goes on his boat and discovers an island where only a mom and the daughter lives. He falls in love with the daughter, whose name is noèmi. It means beautiful. So then he starts going back and forth between his real life and the mysterious island with his beautiful lover. And writers like to use the name in their books ever since.”


While checking out the Del Rey-Penguin Random House booth I saw editor Mike Braff. Mike is the editor of the Red Rising trilogy. I was wearing a new Red Rising shirt. I ordered a Howler t-shirt from etsy and it came with extra decals: the symbol for House Mars, the sigil for Reds, and a scythe. I bought a black t-shirt and placed the House Mars wolf on the center front, and the Reds’ sigil and scythe on each sleeve.

So when I saw Mike I walked up to him and pointed at my shirt. I asked about Pierce and Sons of Ares (I had hoped they’d be there to collect some pins).

He said Pierce wanted to come, but Mike told him no. He has to write. Mike had just read the first 250 pages of Iron Gold and mimicked locking his lips about it but expressed it’s awesome. But he sent notes to Pierce and now he must look over those notes while writing the next 250 pages.

And since the Sons of Ares is run by Pierce’s sister, they were not there.

I said I understood and hope to see Pierce and SoA at Book Con in May and next year’s NYCC. I told him how I bought the prints of the Red Rising maps from the Kickstarter and hope to get them signed.

I also asked for a photo, because why not?


My sister and I also asked what else he edits:
The Dire Earth Cycle and Zero World by Jason M. Hough
The Clash of Eagles Trilogy by Alan Smale
Sleeping Giants and Waking Gods by Sylvain Neuvel
The Devourers by Indra Das

Mike also told us about the scheduled signings at the booth.
Victoria had heard about the The Bear and Nightingale and there was to be a signing that afternoon at 4pm. So we decided we’d skip the NaNoWriMo Meetup and go to the signing.

We also checked out Sideshow Collectables. If I were a multimillionaire I would fill my mansion like a museum with these figures. I mean, look at that detail!


Last year I bought from Stranger Comics The Untamed. It’s on my fall-winter TBR pile, but I bought the prequel comics, Niobe: She Is Life issues #1 and #2 from a comic book store. I went to find out when issue #3 comes out. It’s already out and the last issue comes out next month. So then I can marathon read the story. So I bought issue #3 and got it signed. I also got a sneak peak issue of what I think is a sequel comic book.


I also did my Artist’s Alley shopping on Thursday, the least crowded day.

From Karen Hallion I bought this 11″X14″ print of Jem and the Holograms.IMG_0744.jpg

I haven’t taken a photo yet, but I also bought the 16X20 print of her exclusive art from Celebration Europe. There were some left over and I was glad to buy one at NYCC.

From Rich Bernatovech I bought 4 prints for $20. To complete my Han, Luke, and Leia prints I bought Vader, BB-8. And I also bought Jem /Jerrica Benton and Phyllis “Pizzazz” Gabor. Rich and I talked about the failure of the Jem movie. He said the best part was the very end when Kesha plays Pizzazz and that she was underused. I still have to look up her scene on youtube. That is all I will watch of that Jem disaster.

More shopping from The Colorful Geek. I wore this Luna shirt for my Gotham photo op that Sunday. The Golden Snitch opens up into a watch!


While passing by Her Universe and checking out the Marvel apparel (I like the purple Scarlet Witch jacket) I saw Ashley. I am glad I got to see her and speak with her because the next day the Ahsoka book signing was a bit of a disappointment. More on that in my next post, but long story short, they sold out of books seconds before I got there.

I told Ashley how excited I was to hear her narrate the audiobook and just how perfect it was that she did so. She was humble and nervous about her performance and hopes the fans like it. I told her she is a pro and have a feeling it will be good.

We spoke about the differences between acting out Ahsoka’s lines for the series and reading an audiobook.

She said that for the series you feel the emotion and can ad-lib the lines a bit but for an audiobook every word must be correct. Victoria and I assured her we have read along with some audiobooks and we caught some mistakes. So she shouldn’t fret if it is not perfect.

Besides reading the text as correct as possible, there is also expressing the different emotions and doing different voices for the other characters.

I told her that at past Comic-Cons (they didn’t do it this year) that the Penguin Booth has had a recording booth for people to read excerpts from Star Wars novels and I have tried it. It is really difficult and I give narrators so much credit.

I started listening to Ahsoka and I like it so far. Ashley is doing a good job and I like the added sound effects and classic Star Wars score they have added.


Bear and the Nightingale signing. Katherine said that this was her first signing ever and that Victoria was her first. So she signed that in Victoria’s book! And I am the second. She’s really cute.



Next: Friday, October 7.

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