Star Wars and the Power of Costume Exhibition

The Star Wars and the Power of Costume exhibit recently opened in Discovery Times Square. I’ve gone twice already. It is a amazing. They have great collection of costumes, headdresses and some props. There is some history about the costumes, the inspiration and some concept art. They also had some swatches of the fabrics that you could touch! That was cool because I was just itching to touch all the costumes, look inside at the construction and to even try on Padmé’s gowns. Natalie is petite and so am I. I can fit into her costumes.

My critiques:

*Leia’s white gown from A New Hope was mislabeled as being from The Empire Strikes Back.

*Now that The Hunger Games costume exhibit closed the Star Wars one should expand. There were many more of Padmé’s costumes not on display as well as many more of Leia’s. They had none of her, (nor Han’s or Luke’s) costumes from Hoth, Cloud City, or Endor.

* We could take photos with no flash because some of the costumes are so old and sensitive to light. But they should turn the house lights brighter. It made it difficult to see in some rooms and made for terrible photos since the flash was forbidden.

Just a suggestion 😉

Without further ado below are just a fraction of the photos I took.

After the introduction video we first see Ben Kenobi’s and Queen Amidala’s gown. These two were completely behind glass.

The Jedi and the Sith.

Luke and Anakin:


The droids. BB-8 is much bigger than I imagined. I have been thinking he’s (she’s?) only as big as a soccer ball.

The Stormtroopers’ room was so cool They set it up with mirrors and the helmets suspended from the ceiling!

Pilots and officers.

Royalty: The Queens of Naboo, Princess Leia.

Fabrics you can touch.

Detail of her cuff:


Princess Leia, mislabeled.  Empire Strikes Back . A New Hope.

The Entourage.

Bounty Hunters, we don’t need their scum!
Boba and Jango Fett, Zam Wessel.


How cool is the Naboo style blaster! So sleek. I want one.

Maul’s looked like a Toys R Us Prop compared to the shinny, fancy ones.


The Senate and Emperor:

More fabrics to touch:

Han and Chewie: LOL, Harrison.

Padmé <3. They had a nice video about Natalie’s costumes which I am most certain is on the AotC special features.

Packing dress, minus the headpiece. This one was encased in glass and you could walk around it completely.

I also loved that they had the mirrors to reflect the back of the gowns because they had such beautiful details all around.




My favorite Wedding Gown in cinema.

“Ophelia drowned in the water, crushed by her own weight.”
What I love about this one is the image of Vader on the wall above her.

Yoda and Darth Vader:

The Force Awakens: John Boyega is bigger than this mannequin. He filled out that jacket.

And that was it. They can add more from TFA too, now that it is out in cinemas. The exhibition is open until September 5, 2016. Go see it!

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