Sentinels Anthology Volume 2, story by Rich Bernatovech and Luciano Vecchio


The Saga of the Sentinels continues as 31 of the brightest rising talents of the comic book industry bring you new, compelling and original stories.

And the next generation of Sentinels take center stage and debut in their new roles as heroes, in a story that spotlights every generation of the team.

This story is a continuation of Sentinels Anthology and tells the story of the third generation of Sentinels.

The first half is told through short serials for each character. Each one is told by up and coming comic book artists. The Facebook Page for Drumfish Productions has been posting spotlights for the artists and storytellers. I really like how that was done to give up and coming comic book creators a place to showcase their talents.

The stories are a good collection to remind the readers of the past events and to catch up on the characters’ lives and their personalities. Even when the artwork is not my favorite I do feel it fit the mood of the story and the personality of the protagonist.

My favorite artistic styles were “The Witching Hour” and “Devil’s Due”.
The characters’ expressions were very animated in “The Witching Hour”.
“Devil’s Due” had nice clean lines – which I really like.

I also really liked how those stories were told to refresh my memory and showed more insight into the characters of Michelle and Huggins.

With “Devil’s Due” there is more to tell. Ahh cliffhangers!

“Believe It Or Not” was cute. Heartache can make a little newspaper scrapbook about her good deeds. My favorite thing was the little Easter Egg in the last frame – one of the book covers for Sentinels is a poster on the newsstand.

“Trial By Fire” had some touching brotherly love. I would like to see more Simon and Alex bonding stories.

“Walking After You” artistic wise was not my cup of tea, but the story was one of my favorites. It told from Phazer’s (from the Second Generation) perspective. I liked the symbolism during the dream with the chess pieces and the overall moral of the story about getting through (a double meaning for Phazer) anything life throws his way and having his family to hold on to.

The second half is “The Curse of the Baphomet”. The story is by Rich Bernatovech and Luciano Vecchio. Bernatovech is the writer, Vecchio is the layout artist. The artists are Jamie Fay, Rich Bernatovech and Ihor Loboda and Luciano Vecchio. Colorists are Ihor Loboda, Michael Bloechie, Dany Morals and Luciano Vecchio.

Where as in the first half of the Anthology we see the third generation Sentinels as children, now they are teenagers/young adults and are working as a team to save the world.

I really liked the artwork and coloring. It’s clean and easy to read/interpret. The colors are so pretty. It looks like candy and I could just eat it, lol. It makes it a really fun read.

I liked how the story called backed elements from generations past and came full circle. There’s a good moral about not having to carry a burden all by yourself when you are a part of a team.

But it also felt like a prologue. I think there is potential to write more stories and explore more about the characters.

I hope that Rich Bernatovech, Jamie Fay, Luciano Vecchio, and Ihor Loboda can collaborate again in the future for another story arc with the third generation of Sentinels.

3.5 out of 5 Soul Blades.




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