SPOILERS: My review of The Force Awakens


Saw The Force Awakens on Saturday afternoon. I don’t think I need to say that you should enter at your own risk because I am giving it all away beneath the cut.

It was very enjoyable. Great action (I had to hold my sister’s hand sometimes when I was too nervous). There was comic relief and some throwbacks that made me smile.

Spoilers Below!!!


I very much loved Finn. He was funny too, especially with BB-8. I also liked his developing character and internal struggle. I do wonder why they put a sanitation worker on the battle field? He had PTSD his first time in combat. His acting was suburb there because we couldn’t see his face but we could see it all in the body language.

I wish we got to see more of Poe. What I don’t understand is that after his escape he HAD to get back to Jakku to find BB-8. So why after the crash did he not go to town to find him, or signal BB-8 to meet him? I have to watch it again to hear is explanation better but I can’t understand why he went back to the Resistance without the key part of his mission: BB-8 and the map to Luke.

Which brings me to Luke feeling a bit out of character for me. I don’t think he would be the type to run and hide, even after such a failure with his nephew, Ben Solo. I mean, even after he went against Yoda’s advice not to go to “the city in the clouds” and then proved Yoda right he still went back to face him. Also, Luke always believed in the good that was in his father. Why not the same for his nephew?

At the same there is a lot we do not know yet. Maybe Luke does feel it but was unable to reach him. Why look for the original Jedi Temple and what about that map? The whole thing with R2 is a mystery too. I really missed R2 and Threepio. I do love BB-8 but he can’t replace our original droid duo. I want to see the three of them interact in the next episodes.

Ben Solo/Kylo Ren – That struggle he feels with the light side and his obsession with Vader – did his parents or Uncle Luke not tell him his grandfather turned back to the light and Anakin would be disappointed?
Ghost Grandpa Anakin would ask him what the krife did he give his life for?

(Kylo Ren sure had temper tantrums like his grandfather. After seeing Kylo Ren ripping up that computer unit with his lightsaber I don’t want to hear any more bitching about Hayden’s Anakin being a whiny brat. LOL at those Stormtroopers backing away.)

But really I don’t mind that they went down the Jacen Solo/Darth Caedus route. I don’t even mind that they changed his name to Ben and changed it from the Sith Order to the Knights of Ren (which I am eager to know more about). We’ll probably learn more about the why he turned from his family in the next episodes. What I do mind is that Adam Driver is too unattractive to be Han and Leia’s son. It really bothers me. There is no way two pretty people like Han and Leia made a baby that looks as unattractive as Adam Driver. No way. (On the other hand – if Rey really is Luke’s daughter like I REALLY HOPE SHE IS – great match. She looks like a perfect mix of Leia and Padmé. I could easily believe she is Skywalker.) Besides that little hiccup of Kylo not looking like a Solo-Skywalker descendant, and my shallowness, I do like Adam Driver because I read he served in the US Marines and that makes him an honorable man. And he’s not a bad actor either.

Han and Leia. I am so sad that they separated. (Did they marry or just have a child together? Was Leia going by General Organa after they separated?) I enjoyed their scenes but my heart also ached too. It made me miss the old EU where Leia and Han stuck together and Han and Luke were best friends. It breaks my heart that Han never got to see Luke again.

Han’s death. I had the strongest sense that when Harrison signed on that this would be Han’s swan song. So when he saw his son, I knew he’d call out to him (because how could a loving father not try to save his son) and this would be it. Knowing that – I was not emotional about it like I should have been. I should have been crying because I grew up loving Han but it was just so predictable. I spent almost two years knowing this would happen and therefore prepared myself.
Harrison did not phone it in though. His performance was very strong and I liked when he touched his son’s (unattractive) face after he was stabbed – like he felt like he failed him.

Chewie’s reaction, except for shooting Kylo Ren afterwards, was underwhelming. Chewie was more upset as Han was going to be frozen in carbonite. I was touched when he and Rey took the Falcon to find Luke. I also was touched when Han said he was thinking about taking Rey on as crew member.

There is a theory that Captain Plasma is a double agent. Could be. She was too lenient on Finn’s insubordination and was too easily convinced to lower the shields of the base. (LOL at trash compactor!)

I was secretly hoping General Hux would be the double agent and Luke and Mara’s son – being a red head and all. After that Hitler like speech he gave – never mind.

Rey – I love her to the next galaxy and back. Yay for finally having a female Forcer user as a lead in a trilogy! I think the signs point more to her being Luke’s daughter rather than Obi-Wan’s descendant. (Rey – an usual name for a female, but Rey – “Ray of light.” Luke means “Light giving”). Luke had tears in his eyes when she arrived. All that time Mark spent to get into shape and he is in it for two seconds and had no dialogue! I wanted to see them speak to each other!

Also why I believe she is Luke’s, the way she called his old lightsaber to her was like the Sword and the Stone. It would not go to Kylo Ren, who has more training and skill than Rey. (Jumping back to the beginning of the movie it was cool when Kylo Ren held that laser from Poe’s blaster in mid-air!)

Rey and Kylo’s fight was great because it showed she has potential but no training. Rey held her own and I think only a Skywalker descendant could do so. No offense to Obi-Wan. Plus, Jedi Order or no Jedi Order, Obi-Wan was married to the Jedi Code.

Rey’s beginnings are like her grandfather and father. Living on a desert planet, being a good pilot, and a great understanding of mechanics. Skywalker traits.

I loved the begging when Rey was playing with that Rebel pilot helmet. A fun and dorky side to her personality.

Going back to Anakin’s/Luke’s lightsaber and how it found it’s way back: I liked Lupita’s character, Maz Kanata, and I want to know how she came to have it in her possession. She reminded me of a character we would have met in The Clone Wars.

I was happy there was no Prequel Trilogy bashing, which I admit I feared with J.J. Abrams at the helm. In fact there was a nod with the mention of going back to using clones because they would not defect. There is also a theory going around that Supreme Leader Snoke is Darth Plaguies the Wise. That would be a great way to tie in the Prequels as well. Listening to the score tonight, my sister pointed out that the theme for Snoke sounded like the opera scene from RotS (“Palpatine’s Teachings” on the RotS soundtrack). I hear it too.

Speaking of the score, I was a bit disappointed. There were no themes that stood out to me. The six previous films have their iconic sounds. Their scores are recognized instantly and I can’t even hum any new themes from TFA. What happened with the collaboration between John Williams and J.J. Abrams?

I missed the 20th Century Fox logo. Those drums built up the anticipation before “A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away.” I was actually expecting the Disney logo and it surprised me to only see Lucasfilm LTD.

I will certainly be seeing TFA again soon. I want to see what details I missed and just enjoy all the great moments again. I can’t say yet where it ranks for me in the whole of the saga. As of now I still need to get used to it being Star Wars. Without George’s involvement it feels like JJ’s fan fiction.

After thoughts: Is the Starkiller base just the size of a planet or was it a planet that was turned into a battle station/weapon?

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