New York Comic Con 2015 – Thursday, October 8

Just like last year, purchasing tickets was a nightmare. I was too busy at work to spend all afternoon on the virtual queue to get tickets so I asked a friend to get them for my sister and I. She was already going to be getting them for herself and another friend. She succeeded, but the queue was so messed up that by the time she got through 4 day and 3 day were sold out. So we all got 4 single days passes. So expensive.

My sister and I also stayed in a hotel near the Javits Center again this year. Expensive, given the location, but so convenient.

Thursday, October 8, 2015The first order of business when my sister and I got to the Javits Center was to buy our photo op tickets for Natalie Dormer. Natalie was only going to be there Thursday. Her 2:45 session was sold out, but we were able to get the 3PM session. We also only saved $4 by buying on site instead of online.

Then it was up to the Exhibit Hall. I saw on Pierce Brown’s Facebook page “Visit @DelReySpectra booth #2205 at New York Comic Con and use the password “Break the Chains” for an exclusive sneak peek at MORNING STAR!”
So that was our first stop. The first three chapters are so good and I cannot wait for February.


We picked up a few free books, chapter samplers and made some t-shirt purchases from The Colorful Geek.



There were some conflicting events and so I sacrificed the Star Wars Rebels Season 2 panel at 1PM and the Season 2 sneak preview at 5:45.

The 10 Years of Twilight panel was right before Natalie’s photo op so my sister and I along with a few friends went to that. Josh Horowitz, from MTV, interviewed Stephenie Meyer. It was a fun and interesting panel, even though I don’t have an interest in buying the book. I’ll wait for a cheap nook price or get it at the library.

IMG_7086 IMG_7094

Stephenie admitted that Life and Death: Twilight Reimagined is not a real book, but just bonus material. A 10th anniversary edition of Twilight was going to be published anyway and Stephenie was asked to write the Foreword. Instead of writing something “sappy” and “boring” that people usually skip anyway, she wrote Life and Death as a response to the criticism that Bella was a damsel in distress.

She made an analogy of when her sons have a science project for school and there’s a hypothesis. The hypothesis was ‘will the story change much?’ It didn’t and that proved her point of Bella/Beau just being a human in a world with superhero like beings, the vampires.

Some differences she brought up where that Edyth is more impatient than Edward and will answer a question before it is asked.
Beau she based on her teenage sons. Apparently teenage boys don’t really communicate. Or something like that, I forgot the direct quote and context.

Speaking of the names; Beau is the name of one of her son’s friends. The other names she looked up from census reports from the year the character was born. Girl names that start with a J is a very new thing. J names were not popular in the past, except for Jane. Stephenie didn’t like Jane (I guess that is why Jane was the villain in the series?) so she went with Jessamine for the female version of Jasper.

I do wonder why all the Cullens were gender swapped. Couldn’t the story work just was well with only Bella and Edward swapped?

As for the title Life and Death, it’s the one title no one at Little Brown hated. Stephenie liked “End of Another Day” but she was the only one. It comes from the original quote Edward says about twilight and how the first book got the name. Personally I like “End of Another Day” better. Less cliché than Life and Death.

This bonus story was also a chance for Stephenie to correct mistakes that bothered her in Twilight. Some of the mythology was tweaked, like Alice/Archie’s precognition ability. There is more input from Archie.

Of course you can only take this version so far. There cannot be a reimagined Breaking Dawn.

As always, Midnight Sun came up. When it was leaked online she felt like her unfinished final exam was collected and graded. Stephenie feels Midnight Sun is cursed. She wrote two paragraphs and put them on the internet. When she did the top story was “Grey” by E.L. James. Stephenie said she had a flip the table over moment.

Then she has her own mother hounding her for Midnight Sun. She says no one in the world wants Edward’s version published more than her own mother. Mamma Meyer hated Life and Death and hates Edyth. She’s not in love with the character, so what’s the point? That got a laugh from the room.

When asked about a Twilight TV series she said she’s not a fan of the rebooting everything 2 seconds after it came out.

Stephenie’s first impression of Rob was when he entered the restaurant and every head turned to look at him. And this was before anyone knew who he was. Then she knew he was right for Edward.
Rob thought Edward was depressed and suicidal so they argued about that.

She doesn’t reread or re-watch the the saga. Life and Death was her first revisit to the story in years.

She cannot read Twilight fanfic unless it is from the point of view of an outside character. One fanfic she liked best was about a girl who wanted to audition for the movie.

Other stories she’s writing. She wrote a story that is not YA, nor is it a fantasy. It’s contemporary thriller.
The sequels to The Host; she’s having some trouble with writer’s block. She knows what she wants to happen but can’t put it into words. She wants to get the story out there one day.

Lastly, and this was my favorite part because it’s true, Stephenie mentioned the friends she has made (and the fans too) through Twilight. The friendships made are it’s legacy. I loved it because my fondest memories of the phenomenon are going to the events and the movies with the friends I made. I went to this panel with  a few of those friends. That’s the most heartwarming part.

After the panel my sister and I went straight to Natalie’s photo op queue, which was very long.

When Natalie saw my Hunger Games t-shirt she said she loved it. Squee!

Knowing that Natalie was only there on Thursday and how popular she is we immediately went to her autograph queue. She wasn’t due to come back for autographs until 5:30, after the photo ops and after the Game of Thrones panel, but they had been capping the line all day.

At the same time Stephenie was signing books. That was free and only required a bracelet. My friends who did go told me they were getting conflicting reports from the staff. Some said she was only signing the new book that you had to buy. Others said she will sign up to two items. Two of my friends didn’t have anything to sign and said they just wanted to get the professional photo they were offering. I could have had my sister and friends hold my spot on Natalie’s queue and gone over just for the photo with Stephenie, but honestly I didn’t feel like running around to get the bracelet, stand on another line only to tell her I have nothing to sign, don’t want to buy the book and only want a photo. Plus, I have a photo with her and two autographs.

If I had known ahead of time that she would sign other items, I might have brought two of my hardcover editions. But NYCC was not very informative about this signing. In fact there was nothing about it on the official NYCC site. My friends said they saw the information on Stephenie Meyer’s official site. Get it together NYCC.

For Natalie’s signing my sister and I each had our photos with her signed. We told her that last year we went to Hampton Court. We all gushed about how beautiful it is and she asked us if we went through the maze, which we did. It was cool to talk to her about somewhere we had visited. It is something other than GoT, which I am sure most of the fans talk about.
She complemented my Hunger Games shirt again and called us smart ladies. Aww 🙂
We talked about Mocking Jay Part 2 coming out next month and I asked if she’ll be returning to guest star on Elementary. She said YES but she cannot discuss anything more. I said all I need to hear is a YES. 🙂

Natalie was so sweet and pleasant to talk to. Meeting her was the highlight of this year’s Comic Con.



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