Star Wars Celebration Anaheim 2015 – Day 3 and Day 4

Saturday, April 18, 2015

I have been talking about all the lines I waited on and I wanted to add the one place I never waited on a line is the one you’d least expect – the women’s restroom. Yes, all weekend long I just walked right in and found an empty stall. It was like the Twilight Zone.

Today was a sleep-in day for me. My photo op with the Geonosis Jedi was not until 1:30pm so I I didn’t get there till after 10am. My first stop was the Del Rey booth. They had already run out of the Heir to the Jedi pins and were looking for more.

In the meantime I showed one of the Del Rey people proof of my Dark Disciple pre-order and received that pin. I also asked about Pierce Brown. Like I thought, he was only there on Friday. I later saw on Facebook that Pierce responded to my question. He said he’s back to the grind to finish Morning Star.

At this point I saw they found another box of Heir to the Jedi pins but were not handing them out yet. The man who had given me the other pin and answered my question about Pierce handed me one on the down-low. That was really sweet. I think he liked that I was a fan of the Red Rising books and felt bad I missed seeing Pierce.

I then picked up a free copy of the X-Wing paperback, Mercy Kill and a sampler of their upcoming Star Wars books and the Marvel comic book.

On Sunday I played the spin and win game. I landed on the prize of my choice. I wanted either the novel Kenobi or Razor’s Edge. I went with Razors Edge.

IMG_5454 IMG_5447

Then I went around taking photos of the Exhibit Hall to see what I missed and took photos of cosplayers. I managed to find a vendor selling poster rolls. I can’t have the artwork I bought getting crushed in the luggage.

I went to Her Universe before they sold out of cupcakes. Both the Saturday and Sunday cupcakes were delicious, though I am partial to vanilla.
Saturday – R2-D2

IMG_5331 IMG_5334 IMG_5335

Sunday – Yoda

IMG_5360 IMG_5368

Is this something they will really build and fly?

IMG_5319 IMG_5322

Great cosplay:
McQuarrie VaderIMG_5347

I tip my hat to this JarJar cosplayer. IMG_5346


Frienemies. This is one of the best Barriss costumes I have ever seen.IMG_5344


Rebels IMG_5304

On to my photo op with the Geonosis Jedi. So I freshened up in the restroom. Fixing my hair and make-up. I always wear makeup for photo ops now. I need to look alive under their lightening.

I love that now you can pick up your photo right as you leave the photo op area. No more ‘one hour photo’. At 1:30 I took a quick photo with the very tall Amy Allen and Orli Shoshan.

I then went back to the hotel to take a nap. By 4:30 I was back at the convention to have Amy and Orli sign my photo.

Amy was really sweet and easy to talk to. We spoke about how she started out working at ILM and now she is a stay at home mom with 2 kids.

Orli was very nice but more quiet. She did compliment my Padmé Nuevo shirt and I said it was from Her Universe. I actually ended up speaking with the volunteer at her table. He liked the pins I had from Del Rey and asked about them. So we had a whole conversation about the Del Rey booth.

The queue for the Skywalker Twins photo op was LOOOOOOOOOOONNNNG. Mark’s solo photos ran overtime. So the Skywalker Twins started late (it was supposed to start at 6). Carrie’s solo ops that were to begin after Skywalker Twins at 6:30. At 6:45 the Twins like was only half way through. When I looked behind me there were about 90-100 people left. Some people did group shots though, so maybe it went faster. The exhibit hall was supposed to close at 7, and Mark had a panel to go to. So the people running this whole operation want us in and out of there, but you can tell that Mark and Carrie wanted to talk to the fans.

I changed my shirt after my autographs with Amy and Orli. After our photo was taken Mark POINTED AT MY SHIRT and said to Carrie, “Look what her shirt says, ‘Looking For Love in Alderaan Places‘.” I was then being politely chased away, but I did hear Carrie say to Mark, “I know.”

I wore the same shirt a few years ago at NYCC when I took a photo with Carrie. She loved it then since she did suggest the idea to Ashley for Her Universe. I am guessing she told Mark that.

I am still just so freaking ecstatic that Mark noticed and loved my shirt. I then thought that maybe I should splurge and buy their autograph tickets, but..


Sunday, April 19, 2015 – Hayden Christensen’s 34th Birthday

Started out the day getting the last Del Rey pin, Lords of the Sith, the Yoda cupcake, and then I figured since I bought some artwork already, what the heck I’ll buy this too. So I bought Jason Palmer’s Celebration Return of the Jedi print.

He sold out on Saturday and I was told to try again on Sunday. He was also signing and numbering the prints. As he was signing I was telling him how I bought a print of his at NYCC, of Padmé in her wedding gown. I told him I plan to frame both and hand them next to each other. He asked me to send him a photo when I do.

As he was putting my print in a nice acrylic case, our conversation was interrupted by a fan who cut the line to talk to him. She was requesting him to do something for some other convention coming up and would not shut-up. I tuned her out and Jason kept telling her he’ll have a meeting with those people to discuss it. FINALLY she got the hint that he was busy. When she left we rolled our eyes in unison. His eye-roll was in an apologetic way and then he thanked me.

I then went to two panels. The first was the hilarious Shakespeare panel. The voice actors from the audiobooks of those Star Wars written in Shakespeare’s English performed excepts from Episodes IV-VI. Many of the voice actors performed multiple characters and would use props to change into them. Their voices were SPOT ON for each character. I laughed so much and so much fun. I went on a whim because the woman and the Random House audio booth suggested it and I was so tired from walking around all weekend. I am so glad I went.
The author of the books said he got the idea when reading Pride and Prejudice and Zombies, going to a Shakespeare festival,and a Star Wars event all at the same time.

Then I went to “What Leia Means to Me”. On the panel were Clone Wars actress Catherine Taber, artists Cat Staggs, Sr. Editor at Lucasfilm Jennifer Heddle, artist Katie Cook, Lucasfilm creative executive Rayne Roberts, and author Christie Golden.

The panelists spoke about their childhood memories of watching and playing Star Wars. Leia was someone to look up to because she was the first woman in Sci-Fi not to be the damsel in distress. Also Carrie’s personality helped make Leia awesome. She’s short but does not quiver in Vader and Tarkin’s presence.

During the audience q&a the topic of the slave bikini and rape culture was brought up. I forgot which panelist said this, I think it was Jennifer Heddle, that she was having a discussion with men about how Han was blind when Leia was wearing the bikini. The men were going on about how too bad Han couldn’t see her dressed like that and Jennifer had to step up and say that Han would have been disgusted, not turned on. Leia came to rescue him, was captured and then degraded by his enemy, Jabba. It’s not sexy. She did not wear it of her own free will.

Yet, Leia does not choose to be victimized. She does not cower and the best part is when she chokes Jabba with her own chain.

It was an interesting panel with important topics discussed and also had a fun and lighthearted topics too.

Lastly I went to check out the Star Wars Hot Wheels cars and completed Cloud City diorama that the fans participated in making.

IMG_5383 IMG_5397 IMG_5398IMG_5406

Cloud City was so big and so many fun scenes were set up with the figures, but I am only posting a few.




I thought about going to the Closing Ceremony, but it didn’t start for another half hour and the queue was almost capped. I was so exhausted and had an early flight the next morning.
Instead I met with up my friend Jen. We had dinner and then a quick stroll through Downtown Disney.

Next Celebration is in London in 2016. I won’t make it to that – budget wise. Though if I had the money I would go! I will wait for the next time it’s in the States. I hope the lines and crowds are better managed then.

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