Star Wars Celebration Anaheim 2015 – Day 1


Thursday, April 16, 2015

There was no way I was camping out for the 10AM kick-off panel with J.J. Abrams and Kathleen Kennedy. After a turbulent flight and a full day at Disneyland the previous day, I was sleeping in a bed. I would get there when I got there and see if I get into one of the five rooms showing the panel.

 I got there 8:30AM and shortly after got a bracelet for the Behind the Scene Stage room. I just missed the cut off for the Digital Stage Ballroom.

They didn’t let us into the room till 5 after 10 and by then panel had already began.

I am sure by now many have either seen the panel online or read about the highlights. J.J., Kathleen, John, Daisy and Oscar were being really cryptic about the story and their roles.

I liked John Boyega’s story about asking Harrison to sign his Han Solo action figure and John’s spot on impression of Harrison, “This is weird.” LOL

I was surprised to see the BB-88 was functional in real life. Does the head stay on with magnets?

Oscar Isaac said his character, Poe Dameron, is the best pilot in the galaxy. :/ What about Han Solo?
He does look hot in this photo though. They are all really good looking people.


So after the exciting trailer I went downstairs to the Exhibit Hall. Besides opening the doors later than 11AM, it was insanely crowed and overwhelming. I really did not know where to go first.

After taking a look at the crazy Autographing queues I went to Her Universe instead. It was a mad house because Ashley was there talking to fans and taking photos with them.

There needed to be some sort of security organization. There was no organized queue and some woman in Sith Twi’lek cosplay cut me in line to ask a question. After she left I squeezed in to make my purchase.
I bought: the “Star Wars” written-with-Lightsabers-that-glows-in-the-dark T-shirt, and matching skirt; the AT-AT DaVinci style; and the Salacious Crumb’s Bake Shop shirt. I wish I had known about the Salacious Crumbs cupcakes being sold on the other side of the Her Universe booth. Buy the cupcake of the day and get $5 off the t-shirt. I found out about that on day 2.

Next was the Celebration Store debacle. I was on the queue TO GET INTO the store for about 30 minutes. It wrapped around the store and it did not move, except when people were leaving the line. I decided to try first thing the next morning.

So I went back to Autographing. I bought my Saturday photo op ticket for the Geonosis Jedi – Amy Allen (Aayla Secura) and Orli Shoshan (Shaak Ti). Then I waited on the autograph line. That took about an hour. I bought tickets for Ashely, Amy Allen, and Orli Shoshan. I was holding off on Mark and Carrie. They were expensive and I do already have their autographs on other photos taken at NYCC.

As I was making my way to the Untold Clone Wars panel I ran into Ashley and David Eckstein. She’s so sweet. She asked about my sister and I said she’s well but could not make it to Celebration. I asked about the Vader/Ahsoka shirt that I did not see at the Her Universe booth. She said it is available on the web site but they decided to bring the new “Ahsoka Lives” shirt to Celebration instead for #AhsokaLives Day. After a quick photo I said I’d see her later at her autograph table.

The Untold Clone Wars.

This panel was both incredible and heartbreaking to see.
We saw concept arts, unfinished animated scenes, and all that could have been if Disney didn’t cancel it. Like I said, heartbreaking.
It was my favorite panel at Celebration. If you’re interested in the panel highlights, watch the video. I linked it above.


These were concepts for Tuskan raiders. The one with a headdress is a Shaman. The outfits were simplified because cloth is difficult to animate. There was a scene shown with Cad Bane and Boba Fett on Tatooine. It was part of a Bounty Hunter arc. Boba is purposely taken by the Sand People in order to get into their camp and rescue someone they had kidnapped.

IMG_5186 IMG_5189

Another arc visited Kashyyyk.
That is a Wookiee riding a giant monkey. Dave redrew his face on a post-it after George said he didn’t like it. The idea was that Wookiees knew these giant tree spirits and would summon them. The other concept art is Tearful is asking permission of the forest to go into battle.


This is 4 episode arc, “The Bad Batch”. The animation was unfinished but they did have the voice actors record the script. I didn’t get to see it at Celebration (more on that for Friday) but I did get to see it on It was a good arc about these Clones with specialized traits. They were mutated super soldiers that the Kamino Cloners and Republic decided not to dispose of.
On the nose of their gunship was a pin-up of Padmé. This scene was so funny. Anakin sees the pin-up and turns to Rex (who is the only Clone aware of his relationship with Padmé) and asks about it. The Bad Batch answer that she is the Senator from Naboo, she’s their girl and she can “negotiate” with them anytime. Anakin then says to Rex that that IS NOT staying up there and Rex just coughs uncomfortably and gets on board. LOL

IMG_5191 IMG_5193 IMG_5197

Of course there are the untold Ventress and Vos stories that the scripts were turned into a new novel by Christie Golden.
They also showed a clip of Ventress chasing her bounty prize. A cool bow and arrow was involved. It’s like an energy bow that becomes a zip line. Then Vos comes in helps her with the chase. Ventress gets angry and punches Vos.

Ventress in the gown is when she infultrates Dooku’s lair. She also has a new punk hair cut. To me her (original) species was supposed to be bald, but whatever.


So the Yuuzhan Vong from The New Jedi Order book series. Pablo was going through Dave’s sketch book when he found this concept art and was like 0_0 what is this?! Dave answered that once you have made the Mandalorians pacifist and bring Darth Maul back from the dead, anything is possible.

Their involvement was minimal. Just a scout ship to assess the strength of the Republic and who the Jedi were.


Clone Troopers who were Ahsoka Tano loyalists. Dave wouldn’t get too much into it. Rebels spoilers I guess.

IMG_5207 IMG_5208 IMG_5209 IMG_5210

And here is the most HEARTBREAKING portion of the panel. There were big plans for Ahsoka. The final episodes of the Clone Wars series was going to coincide with RotS, Order 66, and even a little beyond. When watching RotS we would know where Ahsoka and Rex were during the Battle of Coruscant, Order 66 and after.

We were going to see how Ahsoka was learning to cope on her own after spending her whole life with the Jedi Order. There was a great unfinished action scene where she is riding her malfunctioning speeder bike through Coruscant as it falls apart. Just a typical teenager who got swindled buying her first mode of transportation. She was a smart Commander in the army but has yet to learn some street smarts.

As for the concept art for her new outfit, Ashley was asked what animal she wanted on Ahsoka’s boot. Ashley said a monkey.

You broke my heart, Disney. 😦

During the Q&A, the first question asked was by a woman who I seriously thought was lazypadawan. I asked if it was when I met her the next day. She had several people ask if it was her, and it was not. That woman must be lazypadawan’s doppelgänger.

Another question that was asked: what happened to Barriss Offee? In the original script Barriss dies. She blew up herself in her prison cell with those microbots that she used in her terror attacks. That was cut because Dave didn’t want that fate for Barriss. He had plans for Barriss, and still does. What Barriss said was true. Her actions were wrong. Ashoka couldn’t deny that what Barriss said was true, but Ahsoka’s actions to leave the Order was the right thing to do.
Do they ever meet again? Dave was cryptic about not answering it. 😉

There was so much new information and that was just the tip of the iceberg. Watch the video. 🙂 There is also another video on youtube that includes the unfinished animated scenes, I think.

After the panel I had to haul ass to Ashley’s autographing table. There I started speaking to a guy who had also just came from the Untold Clone Wars panel. We shared many of the same opinions on how awesome it was to see and hurt we were to know what could have been.

The line moved slowly along because Ashley is awesome. She very personable and talks to everyone and will take photos. So I did not mind waiting.

Then when I got to talk to Ashley I spoke a bit about the panel, how happy I am that she is on Rebels, and also brought up Barriss. She was surprised and had no idea that was a possibility. I guess Dave is trying to keep his plans hush-hush. With Ahsoka being on Rebels now I have motivation to be more invested when I watch season 2.


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