New York Comic Con 2014 – Friday, October 10

Friday, October 10, 2014

Like at Book Con, the Main stage was cleared after each panel. To get in they gave out bracelets each morning, starting at 10, for each panel. I liked this system so much. It prevents people from staying in a room all day for one panel in the late afternoon. I wish they had done this last year. Then I could have seen the panel for Reign.

Victoria and I got our bracelets for the Elementary panel, then roamed the exhibit hall. My sister didn’t have a ticket for Thursday so I took her to see all the things I saw the previous day. The life size E.T. doll at NECA. The Hobbit figures at WETA. The Hallmark booth. We also went to The Colorful Geek booth. I bought a couple of more t-shirts.

I also have another shirt from The Colorful Geek that I bought several years ago that says “Mischief Managed”, and I have the Marauder’s Map. Vic and I should get red wigs and go as Fred and George one year. LOL


Elementary Panel and Exclusive Screening
Friday, October 10| 12:45 PM-1:45PM| Main stage 1-D

IMG_4647 IMG_4656 IMG_4665 IMG_4666

I liked the season premiere they showed us. It aired this past Thursday so everyone can watch it now. I thought Joan was pretty badass investigating on her own. The case was a good one and I would never have guessed that a magnet was the weapon.

I am mad at Sherlock and so sad that Joan and Sherlock’s relationship is broken, but it will be interesting to see them get back to good. Even with their characters’ friendship is strained Jonny and Lucy play off each other so well. A question was asked about the struggle to make the transition and because of their egos they’re not saying what they really feel. Jonny said something about prolonging the story line and not addressing it immediately. Lucy said the less said the better because Sherlock reads people really well.

I am not a fan of Sherlock’s new protégé, Kitty. I loved Joan’s line, “I can’t believe I got into a baton fight with someone named Kitty.” LOL

During the Q&A portion:
– Jonny said he can’t reveal what he sees in Kitty to think she is good enough to train her. I guess we’ll see about that.

– Kitty Winters was a minor character from one of the original Sherlock Holmes short stories, “The Adventure of the Illustrious Client”.

– It is likely Natalie Dormer and Rhys Ifans will return. (Uck, Mycroft.)

– Will Sherlock ever be happy and healthy? Jonny had a really good answer about how the struggle to remain sober is realistic and there is no right or wrong way to stay sober. Mistakes were made and will be made. It’s an on going struggle for Sherlock to solve.

– Someone asked Jonny if “Benedict Cumberbunch” – yes “Cumberbunch”, not Cumberbatch would ever guest star. Jonny laughed at the mispronunciation and then said if he were in charge it would happen. I personally rather see Frankenstein brought to Broadway.

I wish the cast had done a signing too.

Some panels and events conflicted and I had to make some sacrifices.
Author Maureen Johnson was at the Geek Geek Revolution panel between 1PM and 1:45. It was a sci-fi fantasy game show where the audience members write in questions to stump the authors in hopes to win a stack of books. Doesn’t that sound like fun! Oh, I hate conflicts.

Also between 1PM and 1:45 Alex London’s autographing at booth #2108. So I didn’t get to ask him my question.

I did however go over to Geek Geek Revolution Autographing between 3:15-4:15. I forgot what we did after the Elementary panel. Probably used the ladies room, then got a preztel, and went back to the exhibit floor. We got to the autographing towards the end. So while both my sister and I were able to get an ARCs of The Shadow Cabinet (the third book in the Shades of London series) with our purchases of The Madness Underneath, we were not able to get them signed. The line had been capped. It’s fine. I’ll bring them to another Maureen Johnson signing.

Friday’s books and chapter samplers:


After autographing I queued up for my photo op with Stephen Amell. A new company, Epic Photo Ops was there. The ops could be pre-purchased online. There were different queues started for different celebrities. It was really organized and ran really smoothly. After your photo, you get on another fast paced queue to get your printed photo. No more “come back in a hour and look for your photo on the table.” You’re scanned out and if you ordered the jpeg too, that is emailed as soon as you’re scanned out.

A friend said that a bunch of tech people fed up with the old process started their own company. On the last day of the con I did see Froggy’s in a back corner of the exhibit floor. They had two photo ops, one with Manu Bennett, who was Slade Wilson on Arrow.

Back to my photo with Stephen Amell. He wore a hat :/. He still looked gorgeous. The Epic people though got me all nervous and confused. They kept saying, “No physical contact,” so I was all stiff in my photo. I was like, do I put my arm around Stephen if he puts his around me first? He did put his arm around me and was really nice. I got all flustered, but I doubt he noticed because it was a 15 second encounter. I understand with germs and stuff not to shake hands and don’t attack him with a hug, but what EXACTLY did they mean by “No physical contact”?

Whatever, friends said the photo came out good.

We left the Javits to drop our stuff off at the hotel and relax a bit. Our plan was to get some Panera Bread in Union Square before going to Barnes and Noble. Except Panera Bread was packed! A LONG line and no tables available. So we skipped dinner and went to

8pm B&N Super Week Family Feud Science Fiction vs. Fantasy!

John Scalzi plays host as science fiction authors compete against fantasy authors, Family Feud style. Will Scalzi give contestants a loving kiss on the cheek? Come to Union Square B&N and find out! With Amber Benson, Peter Brett, Pierce Brown, Richard Kadrey, Caitlin Kittredge, and C.L. Wilson. B&N Union Square.


Seated Left to right:
Team Kraken: Richard Kadrey, Caitlin Kittredge, Amber Benson, and C.L. Wilson.
Team Starbuck: Sam Sykes, Pierce Brown, Mallory, and Peter Brett.

You’ll notice two of the people on Team Starbuck were not listed in the promotional blurb (Sam Sykes and Mallory didn’t catch her last name). The only author I really know and went to the event for was Pierce Brown. 


Go Team Starbuck!

IMG_4683 IMG_4685

It was a lot of fun and we had a lot of laughs. Everyone is familiar with the game show Family Feud, but what was important to know for this edition was that the people polled were non-convention people. So they had to think like a person unfamiliar with the world of Sci-Fi and Fantasy. There were some really ridiculous omissions. For movie robots, none of the people polled said the Terminator, or C-3PO. *head desk*

It was a really fun, even if Team Kraken won twice. I also learned a new fact about badgers which I’ll use next time someone makes fun of Hufflepuffs. Sam Sykes said that when attacked by a badger, it will latch on until it hears a bone break. So snap a twig to trick it into thinking it broke your bone.

Afterwards Vic and I went over to talk to Pierce. I asked about the copy of Golden Son I saw in the Del Rey display case, and just as I thought, it’s just the cover art on a empty book. Right now it is in the proof reading stages. Pierce said typos don’t really bother him. I said that I usually don’t catch them because I think my brain fills in what is supposed to be there. The only time I notice a mistake is when I am reading late at night, wanting to finish a chapter and really have to concentrate on the words.

He has started writing the third book in the Red Rising series. We spoke a little bit about his process and turning off social media to write.

Pierce asked what we were reading. Vic told him what she was reading, which I forgot what it was. Then he recommended three books:
The Night Film by Marisha Pessl
– Ready Player One by Ernest Cline
– The Bone Clocks by David Mitchell

Pierce is just a really awesome and pleasant person to talk to. I can’t wait for when he does promotion for Golden Son.

We ended the night by meeting some friends uptown and finally ate some real food for a very late dinner.


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