Book review: Tunnel Vision, by Keith Lowe


Andy’s obsession with the London Underground is interfering with his life. On the eve of his wedding, he makes a drunken bet that challenges him to travel through every single Tube station in just one day. Only by completing the entire map will Andy retrieve the Eurostar tickets he needs to get to his wedding in Paris. At 1 AM, Andy’s fiancée, Rachel, will be on the Eurostar, with or without him.

Not just an unpredictable story about one man’s peculiar passion, Keith Lowe’s exceptional debut draws us effortlessly along on a deeply personal journey through chaos, commitment, and love.

I first read this back when it first came out in 2001. Back then MTV was publishing their own books, and this was one of them. I read most of them back then: The Perks of Being a WallflowerFake Liar CheatBrave New GirlDon’t Sleep With Your DrummerDog Run, and others.

I remembered I really enjoyed the story. I remembered how it ended, but couldn’t remember much about how the story got to the end. So right before my trip to London I decided to reread it.

It was a lot of fun to read again. It made me laugh and I also got annoyed too at times. Some moments came back to me right away and others I couldn’t remember how Andy and his new friend, Brian, get out of the pickle they’re in. I had forgotten what a jerk Andy could be, but I liked how on their journey (see what I did there?) Brian gradually helped him to see what was really important.

I could not help but feel Rolf would be great friends with Sheldon Cooper on The Big Bang Theory. Such similar characteristics and both love trains way too much.

Sometimes Rachel annoyed me and I wanted someone to tell it to her straight, but I also could empathize with her because Andy did do some stupid things.

Now having experience the Tube myself I will go back and reread some passages with a clearer picture in mind.

4 out 5 Tube stations


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