Book review: The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones, by Cassandra Clare.

(Note: I originally wrote this review October 22, 2013. I am copying and pasting.)


Funny story: I bought this book back on Friday, July 17, 2009 at a Borders (aww, I miss Borders) when I was on set for Remember Me.

“So I left to go eat something at the cafe they got at Borders on 54th(?) and Park Ave. Also bought a book Erin recommended, book one of Mortal Instruments Series, City of Bones. Who knows when I will get to it.”

HA!! So I finally got to it, because I saw the movie a while back.

So first I am going to address the Cassandra Clare plagiarism scandal. I only found out about this less than a year ago. By then I already bought City of Bones and the 2 sequels and the prequel series called Infernal Devices. When a friend recommends a book/book series to me, my first thought is not I should look up the author to see if they ever plagiarized. Maybe I should from now on. However, I bought them and might as well make use of the money spent.

If you want to know more, Cassandra Clare plagiarism.

So back to the review. I saw the movie first and found it entertaining, but not epic. The sequel has been “shelved” – a.k.a. it’s not getting made. Bones did not bring in the box office revenue as was expected. 

The movie was way different from the book as I discovered. So many details were omitted or drastically changed. The final confrontation, the freaking climax of the book was COMPLETELY changed for the film.

However, it was an enjoyable read and a fast one. Kept it interesting. The characters were witty. Lots of mythology and history to remember.

I totally saw the similarities with Harry Potter. The Circle = Death Eaters. The Mortal Instruments = Deathly Hallows.

Also, even though this was not a fandom that was mentioned in the bodies of work Clare stole from, I saw similarities with Star Wars. (“I am your father,” anyone? Though I see Valentine more as Palpatine than Darth Vader.) Long lost siblings. This is kind of spoiler-ish but I guess because I already know it is an elaborate lie, I can’t believe they fell for it. Why not ask for a DNA test? It was only after I reread some passages again that I can see how they are being deceived. Still, get a DNA test. I want to see how they find out they are not really related.

3 out of 5 runes.

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